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Updated October 6, 2023

Twiends is a new but very effective website that can be use to grow your social networks. You can grow your twitter followers, facebook fan pages likes or youtube views in one place. The concept of this website is based on mutual followings.

You get credits (also known as seeds) when you follow some one on twitter and those credits can be then use to let other follow you on twitter. Similarly for every like you get credit and then you can spend that credits to let other like your fan pages. You can also earn credit by viewing youtube videos and then spend it to let other view your videos.

The whole process take a few minutes. In just 30 minutes i got 69 fan page likes, as you can see in the sidebar. Previously fans were 203 for TechMaish Blog Fan Page and now it is 272 and growing every hour. These fans are not bots but real people, which is the strength of this great system.

How Twiends Can Help You Grow Your Social Networks?

Signup Now and get 25 Credits as a bonus to spend it to get twitter followers, facebook likes or youtube views. As i mention above you have three 3 ways to earn seeds and to spend it on your own project.

1. Follow Others on Twitters and Get 2 to 5 seeds

2. Like others fan pages and get 2 to 5 seeds

3. View videos and get 3 to 5 seeds

Apart from these 3 ways you can also buy seeds (credits) through paypal to grow your social networks instantly. Some of the packages available are;

  • 75 Seeds Daily = $9.95/week (Daily Bonus 1-50)
  • 500 Seeds Daily = $59.95/week (Daily Bonus 1-150)
  • 1000 Seeds Daily = $99.99/week (Daily Bonus 1-200)


  • 1250 Seeds for $29.95 one time payment
  • 5000 Seeds for $169.95 one time payment
  • 20,000 Seeds for 279.95 one time payment

And with these packages you get VIP status which means your offer will be listed as featured which will get more visibility as compare to Free users.

Register Here With Twiends and Get 25 Seeds as a bonus

[Registration is FREE]

My Recommendations

First earn credits by following others on twitter, viewing youtube videos and liking a few featured users fan pages. Then assign all these seeds at once to either twitter account or facebook or youtube videos. In this way all your earned seeds will get assign to a single account and your followers or fans will increase at higher amount. Get facebook fans, twitter followers and youtube views using the power of Twiends.

Good luck and enjoy the power of Twiends.

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  • This site of very nice site the are proved to the socail net site like facrbook, twitter ect.

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