6 Free Social Monitoring Software And Tools

Updated October 6, 2023

With the proliferation of social networks, more and more people are jumping onboard the social media bandwagon. Subsequently, social media has become an essential way to engage with consumers and monitor conversations about your brand. Due to the sheer number of conversations happening across social sites, it can be incredibly time consuming to filter through and find relevant conversations.

Fortunately, several social monitoring software and tools have flooded the market in an attempt to make this task easier.

Today I’ll discuss 6 free ones you should consider using for your business.



Hootsuite is a social management platform for businesses and individuals. You can monitor engagements across popular social sites through streams in one dashboard. You can also set up keywords you want to monitor in Twitter and use their advanced filter to find the most relevant conversations. Be warned, however, more streams lead to a more cluttered interface. Under its paid option, users can add more social accounts and access Google and Facebook analytics reports.



Tweetdeck is another social monitoring software almost identical to Hootsuite’s interface. It allows you to perform most of the same cross platform monitoring functions, displaying engagements and monitored keywords within streams.



This social engagement platform is not for those who are looking for full management software. Conversocial is best for businesses who provide customer service and support through Twitter and Facebook. First you choose your ‘priority’ keywords, then when this keyword appears in a message directed at your social account, it will show up in your priority message inbox (separate from your normal inbox) so companies can efficiently and effectively answer these urgent messages.



SocialMotus is a comprehensive social management tool for users who like different tools to be spaced out, rather than placed together in one dashboard like Tweetdeck, Seesmic and Hootsuite.  With this you can efficiently build, manage and analyze your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (coming soon) communities. If you prefer more advanced features, its Marketer Plan starting from $9.99 gives you access to a similar priority messaging function as Conversocial, targeted Twitter follower tool, conversion tracking so you can see exactly how posts have helped your sales and more.



Nimble allows you to manage all of your online business relationships. With this you can easily manage and monitor your contacts, calendars, social conversations and emails all from one dashboard. It sets itself apart from other social monitoring software as social conversations and your email history with each person is grouped together right on the contact’s page.

Nutshell Mail

nutshell mail

Nutshell Mail emails you all your engagements from various social networks. This is a great social monitoring software to keep track of your engagements for those who aren’t heavy users of social media, yet are frequently checking their emails. Moreover, all your engagements are aggregated into one email so it won’t fill up your inbox.

Those are my top free social monitoring software. If you have any you want to recommend, please just leave a comment below!

Author Bio:- Siv Rauv is a Marketing Executive at SocialMotus, a free all-in-one social management dashboard featuring advanced social monitoring software tools for Twitter and Facebook. Now you have everything you need to fast track your social media, while building engaged Twitter and Facebook communities for your brand without the high price tag.

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  • Marcus Vann

    In this modern world, almost everyone has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Social networking has changed the ways of communication a great deal. People have become more open in expressing themselves in social networking sites. Various businesses have taken advantage of the information available on the Internet in knowing what the market wants. The sites you feature in your article are definitely helpful in keeping tracks of the every networking site there is on the Web.

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