Smart Home Products Adding to Remote Overload

Updated October 6, 2023

Smart Home Products

Back in the 1980s, Microsoft and IBM set the benchmark for local manufacturers with the phrase “IBM Compatible.” A manufacturer was expected to live up to the high standards of these leading innovators in computer manufacturing and configuration. Today, Smart Home Products and other IoT products have revived the “Wild West” phenomena, the only difference being lack of a leading innovator to look up to or set high standards.  Industry experts are now grappling with the so-called Remote Control Overload, a recent and very discernible outcome of Internet of Things. From thermostats to smart beds, Smart Home products offer a range of advantages that make it worth the money and effort. Here’s a look at the most practical devices to include in a Smart Home.

1:- Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest has been into smart thermostat innovation for quite some time now. In 2015, the Nest Third Generation device flaunted the most elegant look with a classic and advanced user interface and enhanced user experience. The device forms an ideal example of a learning thermostat with its advanced functionality and user interface listed below:

  • The much-advertised learning aspect of the thermostat creates an automatic temperature adjust schedule based on your whereabouts – home or away.
  • It also keeps your home safe by sending you alerts and notifications in case the temperatures lowers to an extent that your pipes could explode or if your gas furnace is not functioning right.
  • The Farsight feature enables automatic lighting whenever you walk into the room. The far-field sensor feature also allows you to view time and temperature settings from a distance.
  • Every time you are away, the learning thermostat goes into energy-saving mode and readjusts automatically when you are back.
  • The app is designed to view timely reports on energy-saving patterns and also provides recommendations to improve energy efficiency.
  • It is easy to set up the device and the do-it-yourself written instruction manual and video tutorial provide all the guidance you need to set up the unit with 30 minutes or less.
  • This new version also integrates seamlessly with Amazon Echo and other voice control Amazon products.
  • The Nest Third Generation also comes with a small green leaf that will pop up on the display each time you enter a temperature zone that will save you energy.

2:- Keen Home Smart Vents

The basic premise of Keen Home Smart Vents is that it allows you to alter the temperature settings of each room of your home. For someone who is keen to purchase a smart vent, this would be a good option although some of its automation and integration capabilities require an upgrade. Some of its notable features include:

  • Smart Vents not only connect to the Internet but are also connected to each other. This makes it possible to direct the amount of air that reaches every single room of your house and optimize on comfort and save on energy usage.
  • The app and device are streamlined in a way that when you run into connectivity issues with any vent, the app is alerted immediately and it instantly provides troubleshooting assistance.
  • It works conveniently with the Nest Learning Thermostat in the sense that the latter acts as a command center for the thermostat on any phone device.

3:- Responsive Surface Technology (ReST)

How comfortable would life be if you had a smart bed that could auto-adjust during the night to meet your sleep patterns? Responsive Surface Technology (ReST) introduces smart beds that customize support for head, back, shoulders, hip, legs, etc. just the way you desire. It also changes the firmness, adjusts with your body shape and profile and tracks sleep data to provide you the optimal level of comfort.

4:- Motorized Window Shades

Motorized window shades are the new big thing due to its contemporary design, efficiency and ease of use mostly via remote control.  Need some convincing? Here are top five reasons why motorized windows are the best choice in automated window coverings.

  • Style: No more hanging cords, enjoy an elegant look of your shades and blinds.
  • Protects furniture: If set to appropriate times, motorized solar shades will protect all furniture and interiors from damaging UV rays.
  • Decreases Cost of Energy: The sun sensors are automated which saves energy and cuts down your energy bills.
  • Control / Lifestyle: Specific environments for window treatments can be set up manually using apps for tablet or smartphone.

The Smartest Homes in Hollywood

Oprah Winfrey – This talk show legend has purchased a high-tech ski home in Telluride, Colorado for $14 million. Remote control gadgets run most of the home’s technological devices including motorized window shades, a heat system to keep the driveway free of snow, driveway sensors, Finnish sauna, etc.

Tyson Chandler – The NBA basketball star put Hidden Hills home on the market for a whooping $9.9 million. Some outstanding additions include a detached theater room, a high-tech gym equipped with a steam shower, artistic domed ceiling, bi-folding glass doors, etc.

All-in-one Control

Apple Homekit

Apple HomeKit offers a series of protocols to enable smart-home products to communicate and work with each other within its iOS software for mobile. The Home app acts as the centre point for all home controls and also supports gadgets such as cameras, music systems, etc. Some other unique selling points include single Siri command control across different devices.  With this newest edition, Apple has made HomeKit more noteworthy and user-friendly.

SmartThings Hub

The Samsung SmartThings Hub is a central hub that connects all the smart home devices into one unified whole. It connects IoT devices such as smart plugs, door sensors, thermostats, window shades, etc. The SmartThings Hub is a small white case with a power cord and socket which can be kept anywhere in the house or garden. The corresponding app allows you to interact and monitor different devices  in your home. It is also equipped to deal with emergencies and security threats.

The SmartThings Hub is just the beginning of innovation to effectively deal with the problem of Remote Overload. Innovators are constantly upgrading their devices and designs to provide a one-stop solution to managing multiple remote controls.

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