10 Ways to Improve The Remote Work Efficiency

Updated October 6, 2023

As the whole world is shifting towards remote working, it has become inevitable to upgrade to newer technologies. Many companies leverage the latest features like Webex record meeting that helps record and store the meetings on the cloud for future use. There are numerous innovative ways to improve the efficiency of remote work, and here are 10 of them.


1. Make sure your employees have the proper setup.

Remote working can be challenging for many individuals, as it requires a fairly working office setup. A good laptop or computer, high-speed internet, and webcams are some of the essential things you need while working remotely. If your company decides to work remotely, it’s best to provide your team members with the necessary office devices and tools to set up their home office.

Having the proper office setup will ensure that your team has everything necessary to work and communicate with other team members. For example, the team members must have webcams to be able to participate in virtual meetings. It helps to maintain transparency in communication and avoid confusion.

2. Incorporate workplace culture

While working remotely, it can be challenging to create the same office work culture. As the team members are not physically present in the office, keeping everyone connected and working towards the same goal can be challenging. The human resources department usually leverages different approaches to create the same environment as the office by encouraging team members to communicate and share their ideas.

3. Promote team building activities

Team building activities are very effective to promote teamwork. The team leaders engage the team members in different activities to encourage collaboration. It can be funny games, activities, show your talent or trivia games to engage the team members more. As some team leaders find it challenging to host team-building activities online, numerous businesses help other companies to promote a work culture through engaging in different team-building activities.

4. Recognize and reward achievements

Rewards are a great way to encourage team members. When you recognize and reward the efforts of the staff, they get inspired to give their best for the company. The feeling of being appreciated for your hard work and efforts helps to build self-confidence. That self-confidence reflects on the actions of the team members. Make sure you recognize and reward even the small achievement of the team members and encourage them to give their best.

It can be challenging to do that while working remotely. In such cases, you can host a virtual event to recognize the individuals with the best performance and encourage them.

5. Improve the productivity of meetings

Meetings are one of the effective ways of communication and collaboration in remote working. You can utilize the time in sessions to discuss the details of different projects and tasks. It’s the best time to delegate the responsibilities, set deadlines and take reports from the team members. If any team member fails to attend the meeting, the Webex record meeting feature lets the host record the session on the cloud. The absent members can request the recorded meeting to get to the speed. It’s also good to avoid unnecessary meetings. As the team members are working remotely, it can be a little difficult to connect every time. The power cuts or slow internet connection can cause connectivity issues. It’s best to keep the meetings short and on the topic.

6. Maintain clear communication

Clear communication is the key to efficient business operations. It’s crucial to maintain clear communication among the team members and management to be on the same page about goals. Though business communication is essential, it becomes challenging to maintain the transparency of communication while working remotely.

The miscommunication is more likely to happen because of the team members’ poor connectivity and physical distance. It gets easier to communicate while working remotely with the right approach, such as clear email communications, telecalling, and video conferencing.

7. Take regular feedback

Feedbacks are highly effective when it comes to improving any system. It helps to improve the system by taking constructive feedback and criticism into account. While taking feedback, it’s also essential to take the necessary steps to act on the input. The employees are more likely to be expressive about their problems while working remotely if the management perceives them constructively. The team leader and the administration need to take active steps to solve the problem. It will not only streamline the workflow but helps to improve the efficiency of remote work.

8. Follow Digital wellbeing policies

It’s easier to lose track of time while working from home. Constantly using the computer can put a lot of strain on your eyes and cause lower back pain. It becomes imperative to take care of your physical health, as constant exposure to the digital screen can cause numerous health problems. Digital wellbeing is all about making efficient use of digital technology without causing any harm to your health.

An ideal company incorporates digital wellbeing policies to save its employees from the adverse effects of computer use. It also helps to improve productivity in the long run.

9. Set clear responsibilities and roles

It can create miscommunication and misunderstanding while communicating online through video conferencing platforms. Poor connectivity and other technical problems can confuse the responsibilities and the roles assigned to the team members.

It’s essential to set clear responsibilities and roles while working remotely to avoid such confusion. Companies can use different solutions like Webex record meeting to keep track of the session and watch the recorded video to prevent confusion.

10. Follow an efficient work schedule

Remote working can put a lot of physical and mental stress on the team members. As your home and office are at the same place, you are more likely to spend a lot of your time at your home. You are more likely to overwork your schedule and lose track of time. In such a case, it’s essential to follow a flexible and efficient work schedule. Many companies allow their employees to follow flexible office timings to improve their efficiency and productivity.

These are 10 of the many practical tips to improve the efficiency of remote working. Use the right technology and maintain clear communication to reach the business goals.


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