Best Gadgets for Your Smart Home

Updated October 6, 2023

Let’s face it – technology makes life easy. Starting with a smartphone, and smart cars, ending on the full offer of gadgets for a smart home that can help manage daily tasks and save time. It’s definitely a new way of convenience.

The goal of smart home devices is to add automation to your everyday home life. The idea is getting more popular every year, which means better access and smaller prices of smart devices. Below we pointed out some of the best gadgets for your smart home. Let’s start with a definition.

A smart home refers to a convenient setup, where the most important devices and appliances are connected to the users’ mobile phones and can be easily controlled from any place in the world. All you need is an internet connection. A smart home lets you control many home functions, such as lightning, speakers, temperature, security, and more.

Here are some smart-home devices that we think are a great addition to your smart home – they’re a step up from controlled lighting, and a bit more creative!

Home weather station

You cannot control the weather, but you can prepare yourself for any situation, which is why you need a weather station. This smart device provides reliable weather forecasts by giving full information about temperature, humidity level, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, and precipitation, lightning, and rainfall.

The home weather station is very user-friendly; the sensors display the information on the screen. Depending on the brand, you may connect the weather station with your phone and regularly check the application’s updated data. It’s a handy kit for everyone and a great learning device for all meteorology enthusiasts.

Smart lock security

How many times have you changed the lock because of a lost key? Or tried to wiggle through the doggie door, a window or have spent an hour looking for your key while turning your car or purse upside down?

With this smart device, you don’t have to struggle with the same problem ever again. The smart lock security system unlocks the door when you or your family get home and locks them back when you leave. The application on the smartphone is controlling the system installed on the door. One simple touch and the door is open.

The app can also remind you to lock the door in case you forget about it. You can easily check your security status on the phone to keep full control over the locks. What’s also pretty convenient is that you can share the access with your friends and relatives, so there is no need for you to open the door, they can come in themselves.

Emotional pots

Funny as it sounds, this smart gadget can surely help you take care of your plants better. It’s designed to turn your plant into a pet, which can express its emotional state via the monitor. By using sensors, a smart pot shows 15 different animated emotions and suggests to you what it needs. It senses temperature, moisture, exposure, as well as movement.

Every animation means something different; for example, if the exposure to light is not enough for a couple of days in a row, Lua Pot turns into a vampire. On the other hand, if it’s too much sun on it; the monitor shows the sweating face. Having a flora that can “speak its mind” is a great investment, especially if you have a demanding plant and want to learn a bit about its behaviour.

Voice assistant

I know you have such a thing on your smartphone, but placing one at home brings out a totally different value of the usage. You can ask for the weather forecast, the latest news and information, match result, or a recipe. Your personal assistance is connected to the internet and can answer your questions and solve many problems.

Three of the most popular automated voice assistants are Apple’s HomePod, Google’s Home, and Amazon’s Echo. All the software provides the user with natural language written or spoken. Depending on the brand, it can also display the information on the screen, making it more convenient to follow. You can as well run a conversation with a chatbot that simulates a real talk. It’s trendy in modern customer services to answer automatically the most frequently asked questions by using a chatbot.

OmniFob – the smartest key fob

OmniFob is a tiny, finger-sized key fob that transforms any standard keychain into a connected life remote providing quick and easy access to your favorite smart functions, such as:

  • Lock the door
  • Open your garage
  • Turn on/off the lights
  • Start the car
  • Control the temperature
  • Arm the security system
  • Find your keys
  • Call for help, and more.

You can set a routine mode, that lets you initiate and control multiple commends at ones. For example, you can activate the “Leave home” routine that includes a few activities at the same time, like closing the garage, locking the door, setting security alarm, and turning the lights off. It’s a real time-saver and a big help for those who tend to forget stuff in the morning.

The bottom line

Investing in smart gadgets is a brilliant idea that can bring convenience to your house and help reduce costs. Upgrading your living space lets you save a lot of time and does contribute a lot to the quality of your life. Try it yourself and see how accessible and useful such gadgets can be.

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    What’s the best gadget for our home? I mean for me. refrigerator that freeze food and innovate it with cooking.

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