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Send Large Files With Encryption and Security-Stream File

Sending large files through email attachments are not possible, because there is certain limit on file size for attaching a file with your email. For Gmail and Yahoo you can only attach file upto 20 MB, and for Hotmail you can only attach file upto 10 MB size.

If you want to send large files to your friends, then you have to use other services, and not every service is free. They charge for sending large files. But today i want to share a website which allow you to send upto 150 MB size of file for free.

Stream File provide a great way to send large files with better security. Upload file with securing a password, then download the file using the password you entered for your file. Stream File will save the file in there data base, and you can then send the file to your friends. Your friend can only download the file, when he will enter the password you created during the uploading stage.This is one of the best way to send any file with encryption and security.

send large files with encryptionHow to Send Large Files with Encryption and Security?

Visit Stream File and you will see the screen (as the above screen shot). Type the email address of your friend in the first box. Then click on the brows button and select the file you want to upload. Give tick to the “I accept the TOS” button and click on “Stream Now” button. Wait for uploading, and after completion enter the password and send it to your friend.