Top 5 Free DVD Ripping Software

Updated October 6, 2023

Video formats are constantly changing. With mobile gadgets able to stream video, play digital video files and even smart TVs able to access your wireless network and play your digital video collection, DVD format is fading out. There will of course always be a use for DVDs, however if you would rather keep digital copies of your favorite movies, you will need a good DVD ripper. Whether you want to convert your DVDs to video formats to play on a tablet, iPod, or your laptop, a good DVD ripper is important. The following is a list of 5 of the top free DVD ripping software available.


Acala DVD Ripper Professional

If you are new to DVD ripping, you will want easy to use software that will handle the work for you. Acala DVD ripper is that software. With the ability to rip your DVDs to the most popular formats with easy to follow menu options, it is perfect for beginners. The software will rip and convert your DVD video to formats playable on iPod, PSP, iPhone, Apple TV, mobile phones, and every other format available for viewing on your PC. You can even convert it for YouTube.


This software is not only a great DVD ripper; it is also a great video converter. With support for many of the popular formats and even a few of the lesser used formats such as DVB streams, you can convert and compress all of your video formats. The software allows you to even choose batch projects of multiple files and set them all to convert. With an easy to use interface, it is a great choice for beginners.


This software gets rave reviews from users and for good reason. It is well built and solid free software for ripping and converting video. Unlike some software, HandBrake will even rip the subtitles from movies as well. It offers easy to use options for ripping and converting all of your video needs. For those with Windows 7, you may need to install and run the software as Administrator if you find problems.  The software is also multiplatform making it available for Mac and Linux users as well.


This is multi-use software that will not only rip your DVDs, but also allow you to convert your video files to other formats. You can rip your DVDs and CDs, convert the files for mobile devices, repair damaged audio and video files, is available in 56 languages, and compresses your files beautifully. This is great easy to use software that will allow you to back-up your DVD collection without taking up more space than is needed.

Acala DVD 3GP Ripper

If all you need to do is convert DVDs to mobile ready file formats, then this software is for you. Unlike Acala DVD Ripper Professional, their 3GP ripper has only one purpose, to convert your DVDs for mobile viewing. The software is fast and easy to learn, but the real value is in the compression. The output file is small with lossless compression, so you don’t have to give up video quality for smaller file size.

If you are a movie lover and are looking for a way to back-up your favorite DVDs or take them with you wherever you go, then consider these software solutions. DVD ripping doesn’t have to be difficult or pricey. With easy to use free software, you can have your favorite movies with you at all times.

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  • Jason Howard

    I followed your pace to see the Acala DVD Ripper Professional, I do not think it is a good DVD ripper. I doubt the Top 5 rank that you list here.

    I guess you may be the owner of some websites here or you may be paid so that you can list some of the DVD ripper software here.

    I hope you can wirte some objective articles which can give us useful tips but not the advertisement. Thanks very much and sorry for my words if they hurt you.

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