Top 5 Blackberry Travel Apps

Updated October 6, 2023

Are you a Blackberry user and still are feeling jealous that there are so many travel applications in the other operating system like Android and iOs? Are you confused with the applications available for travel information? If yes, then it is now the time to feel relaxed as in this article we are going to tell you about travel apps that are for Blackberry model.

1# Worldmate

It is the best and no. 1 travel app for blackberry. It helps you to get information about your flights, hotel bookings and to find the stores where you would like to shop. The app also finds the delays and shows you instantly the changes and hence removes the need of getting an extra mail to check about the issue. Worldmate syncs with your calendar and reminds you of all the happenings related to your instantly. There are many other benefits of using this app as well. You can also search for the hotels and along with all of it; it also updates you with the current exchange rates of currency from one form to another. Hence, this app is a complete manager of your travel.

2# Blackberry travels

It is a free app and works as your travel scheduler and reminder. This app synchronizes with your calendar and contacts to keep you updated with your travel information. You can link you LinkedIn account to it to get more information about the location and your travel. This app also helps you to find the places to reside at and rental cars if you are going on a road tour.

3# Flight alerts

This app is aimed to give you the information about your flight. Once you feed you necessary information about the flight that you have to catch on, this app reminds you of the flight with the exact timings to depart. This app also give the information of the delays and arrivals of the flight.

4# Tripit

TripIt is yet another popular travel app which may be used in Blackberry. You need to mail you information at ‘[email protected]’ and all the information will be automatically synched with the calendar and maps of your phone. The best part of using this app is that you have to enter or fed very much data to get all these details and in addition to that you may also share these facts related to your travel with your friend as well.

5# Poynt

Are you on a business trip and done with your work? Do you want to relax from the stress of your work and want to have some fun at the unknown city? If it is so, then all you need to have is to download this app in your Blackberry. This app helps you to finds out the exciting things going out at the place. You can check movie timings, details of night clubs and also about an event going nearby. The results are shown in accordance to the location of the user and are updated by ‘’. It shows around 10 results in each category of the search keyword.

Author Bio:- This is a Guest Post by Rajkumar Jonnala travel and technology blogger from India and blogs at

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