How to Charge a Vaporizer Safely via USB?

Updated October 6, 2023

As vaporizers continue to become more popular, there are a growing number of these devices which feature USB charging options. However, this has been met with some concerns over safety. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few helpful tips which could help you to charge up your vaporizer safely via a USB connection.

Charge a Vaporizer Safely via USB

Start By Choosing a Good Quality Device

It might seem like a bit of a no brainer, but my first tip is simple – you need to choose a good quality vaporizer. (lot’s of options to choose from but go for the advanced, quality ones like

When you choose a well made device from a reputable brand or manufacturer then you will have the peace of mind that it is safe as long as you are using it as intended and according to the guidelines provided. My personal favorite at themoment is actually the Volcano vaporizer which I think is of a high standard and has not given me any issues.

However, with that being said the batteries used in a vaporizer are containing a large volume of energy in a tiny space, just as the batteries in your mobile phone and laptop do so it is important to charge them up with just as much care. Millions of vaporizers are in use and most will never experience a major problem, but there are cases of vaporizers catching fire so it is wise to know some basic safety tips when it comes to recharging your device – after all, many of those cases are likely to have been caused by user error rather than a malfunction with the device itself.

Take Time to Read The Manual

If you took that first piece of advice and bought yourself a good quality vaporizer, then it should have been supplied with a user manual. I know it seems really boring, but please do take the time to read it properly. The manual will explain how to use the device properly, and more importantly how to charge it safely. Information such as how long you should charge your vaporizer for and the maximum voltage should be found in the manual. If you purchased replacement batteries or charging leads separately then check out the instructions for those as well just to be safe.

Use The Appropriate Charger

One of the concerns that has been raised about charging ecigs and vaporizers using a USB connection is that there have been cases of batteries venting or catching fire when the wrong cable has been used. This is very rare, but still a valid concern. It is important to only use the supplied charging cable or USB lead to recharge your vaporizer. If you do need to replace the charger for any reason then either purchase a replacement from the manufacturer or make sure that it is definitely compatible with your device. The majority of fires starting with a vaporizer are due to an incompatible charger. It is also important to make sure that your device is actually suitable for USB charging. It might be the case that your vaporizer is supplied with a wall adapter, but you have a USB lead at home which fits the device. It is important to note that even though your lead fits the device, it might not be the right type and could end up allowing to great a current to enter the battery which could overload it. As a general rule of thumb, the output rating of your charging cable needs to be substantially less than the capacity rating of the batter to be considered safe.

Do Not Over Charge The Device

Another reason why vaporizer batteries can catch fire or vent is that they are being charged for too long. On average, a vaporizer only needs around 2 hours to charge although the first charge after purchase may take up to 5 hours. If you simply hook up your vaporizer to your USB port while it is not in use then you could be over charging it which will result in damage to the battery. It is not advisable to leave your vaporizer connected and charging overnight.

A Different Kind of Threat?

Another concern that some users have about charging their vaporizers on their USB port is that it could leave their computer vulnerable to malware or virus. There have been a handful of reported cases which is hardly surprising considering the lengths that cyber criminals will go to! However, this again comes back to making sure that you purchase your vaporizer, charging cables and any other accessories from a reputable source. In addition to this, some basic computer maintenance such as having antivirus software installed and regularly scanning for malware should help protect against this threat.

These are just a few of the ways that you can make sure that when you plug your vaporizer into your USB port to charge, you are doing so safely.

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