The 3 Best TV Apps for Firestick in 2020

Updated October 6, 2023

TV Apps for Firestick

Today we are going to talk about the best apps for Firestick in 2020. We have been using Firestick apps for quite a while now and have benefited from more than a dozen over a long period of time. We have also taken the time out to mention some of the apps that you must have on your Amazon FireStick. You already know this streaming device is perfect for those people who want to stream TV series, Live TV or movies from their mobile device. Let’s talk about the ones that have to do with TV and all sorts of entertainment in the next couple of sections.

Best TV Apps for FireStick.

Typhoon TV APK

For streaming the best of your favorite content on your internet-enabled device, you need the Typhoon TV APK. Once you have installed Typhoon TV on FireStick, you will never have to wait for any TV series episode or movie. Typhoon TV APK puts everything online as soon as they get released. And perhaps that is the biggest reason why it is rated so highly in the community. The app is best at what it does and what it does is, it updates its main page with fresh content.

We have no doubt that over the course of the next 12 months, Typhoon TV APK will continue to gain momentum and get more popular. Streamers all over the world are going to shift to this Firestick app once they know how efficiently it works. What we have also noticed is that the developers of the app have a strict schedule of releasing updates for their Typhoon TV app. This makes sure that the app gets better and better with each passing month and works with any video or audio content which the curators make available on the main page of the app.

The official Typhoon TV APK app also has support for services such as Trakt.TV and Real Debrid. New users will be glad to know that the standard Typhoon TV APK content library is reasonably big and there are very few performance issues.

As mentioned before, The Typhoon TV APK is poised to become the best TV app for FireStick. After Spectrum TV that is (For more on Spectrum TV check out Firestickblog).


It is not Terrarium TV. Let’s get that out of the way first. But if someone were to clone Terrarium TV then Nova TV APK would be it. Some say it is an actual fork of Terrarium TV. But these are small details. The detail that really matters is that Nova TV APK is free and it has tons of content.

We think that Nova TV APK is the best TV app for Firestick in 2020 for people who like to watch TV shows and movies which are recent. The official Nova TV APK provides users with fresh content and some unique features as well. As for the content library, it is bottomless. The user interface is snappy and easy to use. All of this makes Nova TV APK better than what came before it (mainly Terrarium TV).

To enhance your streaming experience install Nova TV APK on your FireStick today and you will give yourself the best chance of streaming your favorite movies and TV series as soon as they come online.

Cinema HD APK

Another highly recommended TV app for FireStick. Cinema HD APK, just like the other two FireStick apps on this list, offers users a practically unlimited number of TV shows and movies. The user base if huge and download numbers are off the charts. For high-quality free streaming services, there are not many better than Cinema HD APK. Each piece of content usually has a multiple number of streaming links.

If you are lucky enough, your content may have multiple working streaming links. If you are even luckier, then you might have HD links as well. What we have noticed is that Cinema HD APK is more strict about the quality of its content when compared to other TV apps on firestick. The app gets content updates fairly regularly and ensures that returning users do not miss out on new content and works even with low spec devices

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