Apps Tech Trends To Watch In 2024

Updated December 23, 2023

Apps come in all shapes and sizes. Development trends change every year, whether your app is for the web, for mobile or another device.

We’ve looked at the latest app technology and predicted some of the hottest tech trends to watch this coming year. Last year, 5G, IoT and foldable devices were the trends to watch, but things have shifted to more of a user-centric experience this year.

Technology Trends

AI Integrations

Consumers want products and services that resonate with them. No tech company has the resources to deal with the demand for a personalized app experience for each customer.

Businesses can leverage AI to drive user interaction and deliver a better customer experience.

AI can learn what your customer likes and adjust the app products, services or offers to suit them, rather than an audience persona as would have previously been done. A chatbot could assist your user base with FAQs and point them in the direction they need based on their activity. Or the notification settings could be set based on the type of day they usually open the app.

With this technology only getting stronger and more intelligent, in 2023, it could be doing much more innovative things.

Wearable Tech Considerations

Wearable devices are becoming increasingly common, with over 553 million devices shipped in 2021 alone. And with that increase comes an increase in demand for app compatibility with these devices.

Apps in 2023 will need to consider wearable tech and how they can integrate with that. For example, Audible has created a watch app to allow users to download audiobooks to their wearable tech, allowing them to leave their phone at home when exercising. Mindfulness apps have begun hopping on this trend with select meditations available across these devices.

Voice Search

Digital assistants like Alexa, Google Home and Siri have been slowly infiltrating our lives and making things available with a question. Instead of searching “football score” on our mobile devices, we can ask, “Alexa/Hey Siri/Ok Google, what was the football score.”

This method of searching and shopping is increasing, so apps developed in 2023 that want to stay ahead of the curve must consider optimizing their search index for voice search, which may require you to look into structured data or schema markup methods.

Cybersecurity Developments

Data breaches can have severe consequences for your business and also your customers. As they become more popular forms of browsing, apps are being targeted more and more by threat actors, making security concerns a high priority for any app development team.

Testing your app throughout each development stage should become the norm for your team if it isn’t already, but keep an eye on the threat landscape by following cybersecurity news sites or resellers. Keeping on top of current events and knowing what is out there will make your app more robust and protect your business and customers from potential digital risk.

Other trends to watch – Low code/no code apps, cross-platform development, on-demand apps, extended reality, and predictive analytics.

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