Print On Demand: Cloud Printing Transforms Takeout and Delivery

Updated October 6, 2023

The restaurant industry has experienced immense upheaval in recent years. Dining rooms closed overnight during the pandemic while takeout and delivery orders surged. 

Even as restrictions ease, off-premise dining is here to stay. Restaurants must adapt quickly to new realities in order to survive and thrive.

One innovation that empowers restaurants in this shifting landscape is on-demand printing. By leveraging this technology, establishments can elevate takeout and delivery to the next level. 

Read on to learn how on-demand printing works, its myriad benefits, and why it represents the future for restaurants worldwide.

Understanding On-Demand Printing

On Demand Printing

On-demand printing, also known as print-on-demand or POD, enables restaurants to print menus, marketing materials, invoices, and more instantaneously and onsite. 

This agile printing eliminates the need for bulk pre-ordering, extensive inventory management, and reliance on external printers.

Instead, cloud-connected printers can be controlled remotely via internet networks. Documents are designed online, stored in the cloud, and printed on-location within seconds.

 For restaurants, this means no more wasted time running back and forth to collect completed print jobs. Orders can be fulfilled efficiently without sacrificing customization or quality.

Mechanically, on-demand printing functions via inkjet or laser printers loaded with blank paper. When an order comes in, the desired document is pulled from the cloud and printed on the blank onsite. 

Electrophotography techniques fuse pigment onto the paper using heat, allowing for speedy results. The process is clean, compact, and controllable from anywhere via smartphone.

This nimble digitization brings numerous advantages compared to traditional pre-printing and storage. For restaurants facing rising demand for takeout and delivery using epos software for takeaway, it unlocks game-changing benefits.

Benefits of On-Demand Printing for Restaurants

While once a novelty, on-demand printing is now an essential component of successful restaurants. The benefits of integrating this technology include:

Greater Efficiency

Restaurants operate at a fast pace, especially during peak dining times. Staff juggle multiple tasks simultaneously while orders pile up. Any time wasted reduces productivity and increases customer wait times.

With on-demand printing, common printing tasks become seamless. Invoices, menus with custom orders, promotional flyers, and more print automatically within seconds. 

Employees can fulfill requests quickly without running back and forth to a printer. This allows them to focus on value-added tasks like cooking, customer service, and order accuracy.

Studies by entities like MarketsandMarkets predict the global on-demand printing market will grow by 13.3% annually through 2025. This growth underscores the technology’s rising status as a must-have for efficient restaurants worldwide.

Lower Costs

Restaurants often waste money and resources on excess or unnecessary printing. Static batch printing leads to unused inventories of paper goods when menus change. Misprints and duplication compound costs.

Print-on-demand virtually eliminates waste by only printing what is needed on-demand. Rather than guessing how many flyers or custom menus to print, restaurants can print each order as it comes in. 

There is no need to store excess materials or pay for botched print jobs. The scalability results in leaner overhead and supply chain costs.

Further savings result from lower equipment expenses. On-demand printing does not require large printing presses or extensive hardware. The cloud backbone enables affordable setup. Ongoing costs are limited to printer ink and minimal electricity usage. Combined with less wasted inventory, this restraint delivers impactful cost control.

Customization Capabilities

In a competitive restaurant market, customization and personalization set establishments apart. Diners expect tailored menus, dietary options, portion flexibility, and precision. On-demand printing facilitates this personalization through easily modifiable digital templates.

Rather than relying on generic, pre-printed menus, restaurants can customize each menu print-out. If a customer wants to swap side dishes or modify entree preparations, the wait staff simply updates the online menu file and prints a refreshed version.

 Specials, promotions, and chef’s choice options also print on-demand with each order.

This flexibility enhances both customer experience and order accuracy. Diners feel cared for, while kitchens receive precise order specifications. Customization also extends to marketing materials like signage and flyers, which can be edited digitally and reprinted as desired.

Heightened Service Quality

With streamlined operations and customization, restaurants leverage on-demand printing to deliver exceptional service quality. Orders are faster, fresher, and more accurate. This heightens guest satisfaction and brand reputation.

On-demand invoice printing enables rapid ticket generation during busy rushes. Front of house staff can quickly print checks to minimize customer wait times. 

In the kitchen, digitally conveyed orders prevent miscommunication of custom requests compared to handwritten tickets. Orders arrive precisely as the customer requested.

Enhanced communication between kitchen and service staff also heightens accuracy. On-demand printing facilitates real-time transmission of information to prevent orders getting lost in translation. 

Additions or modifications made by wait staff instantly print for cooks. The seamless information sharing results in correct fulfillment of customized orders.


Today’s consumers are increasingly sustainability-conscious. They expect businesses to enact eco-friendly practices. On-demand printing allows restaurants to reduce their environmental footprint through less waste.

Because printing only occurs on-demand, reliance on paper products and plastics decreases substantially. Excess menus, flyers, packaging, and other materials are virtually eliminated. Not only does this decrease costs, but it minimizes landfill contributions.

On-demand systems also use less energy than traditional printers. Their cloud-based operation circumvents emissions from transportation and shipping. While benefiting the environment, sustainability enhances a restaurant’s brand image and appeals to green diners.

The Future of Restaurant Printing

On-demand printing has already emerged as an essential innovation for restaurants. But this technology will continue evolving in coming years to further enhance production, customization, and management capabilities.

One avenue is integrating on-demand printing with online ordering platforms, app for takeaway and restaurant management systems. This synchronizes front-end ordering with back-end fulfillment for seamless data flow. Orders auto-populate into the printing system for rapid production of tickets, menus, and invoices.

Mobile printing compatibility also allows remote management from any smart device. As servers roam through dining rooms, they can submit print orders without accessing a terminal.

Artificial intelligence adds another emerging layer. With machine learning algorithms, on-demand printing platforms can remember customer preferences and auto-populate repeating orders. 

The systems can also predict high-volume print times to queue jobs accordingly and redistribute capacity. This intelligence optimizes efficiency and throughput.

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