Cloud Computing In Simple English

Updated October 6, 2023

Today, everyone knows that there is something called cloud computing but only a few people actually know what cloud computing is. Well, if you are from one of those people then don’t worry at all because we are going to explain it in simple English here. Normally, when you will search about cloud computing on the internet, you will find a lot of information but there will be so much technical information that you will get bored and stop reading. It is good to know about everything and you should try to understand those technical terms as well because one day, you will be able to understand a lot of technical terms.

A technology

However, in simple words, cloud computing is such a technology with the help of which you can store your data not only in your computer but on an online network as well. It is just like if you have connected to the internet and you are uploading some files on a data sharing websites. These websites are the best example of cloud computing. If you will save your date only in your hard drive then you will lose all your data when your hard drive will suddenly stop working. Something like this may not happen with you but it happens with many people. If you want to keep your data save even when your hard drive is out of order then you must use “cloud computing”.

Benefits of using cloud computing

The biggest benefit of using this technology is that, you are not only storing your data in your computer but you are also storing it at such place from where you can access it at any time. There are certain software programs that can help you to do this. All you will have to do is to install cloud computing software in your computer and store all your important data with the help of that software. Once you will store your data in that software, it will be automatically uploaded on the internet and stored in a cloud computing network. Now, whenever you need to use that data again, you can get access to it with the help of internet.

No data loss

There is no fear of losing your data because you have stored it in a safe place from where no one can delete it. There are millions of servers that are connected in a cloud computing network so that benefit of these millions of servers is that, even if a few servers go out of order, other are working at their full potential and that will help you to retrieve your data whenever you want.

If you are traveling and you forgot to take your PC with your then you will be afraid about using the data that you had saved in your PC. However, if you will be using cloud computing then you will not have to worry about data being lost because you can download that data from the cloud network very easily. you will just need another computer and an internet connection to retrieve all your data and do your work.

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