Best Security Features to Protect Your Public Cloud Environment

Updated October 6, 2023

Cloud computing is the ideal choice for businesses looking to save on costs and improve efficiency. However, businesses must consider the security risks associated with moving to the cloud.

If you’re looking to incorporate a public cloud solution into your business, the best security features to consider when selecting a service are discussed below. This article will look at Microsoft Azure security services in particular.

Cloud Management

Safe Access

As many users share the same public network, web security is an important feature to protect your cloud environment. Safe access protects your data by enabling you to set rules for each user to ensure only authorized personnel can access it. It also allows for granular user permissions so that employees can access only what they need when they need it.

Azure Security Center

The Azure Security Center is a cloud-based solution that focuses on helping to protect your business from security threats. It integrates with other Microsoft solutions, such as Office 365 and Windows Defender, so that you can get extra protection for your enterprise. This center features several essential capabilities:

  • Monitoring of security alerts
  • Intelligent reporting that includes recommendations on how to improve your security posture
  • Detection of threats even if they don’t impact the Azure platform
  • Identification and mitigation of risks in your hybrid environment, both cloud-based and on-premise

Securing your public cloud environments requires experience with the latest threats, technologies, and best practices. Azure Security Center provides this expertise, giving you the peace of mind that your cloud is safe.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Windows Defender ATP is a service that helps protect your business from advanced threats, including ransomware and zero-day exploits. It does this by monitoring activity across your organization and identifying suspicious behavior.

When Windows Defender ATP detects a threat, it can notify you immediately. It also provides automatic recommendations for mitigating risks based on machine learning.

Windows Defender ATP uses the unique insights of more than one billion Windows 10 devices to identify and prevent attacks.

Security Management Suite For Azure

The Security Management Suite for Azure is a cloud-based security service that offers complete control over your network traffic. You can implement fine-grained policies across all your virtual networks, helping you secure your organization against attacks.

This suite includes the following features:

  • Firewall management
  • Traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Web application firewall
  • DDoS protection

The Security Management Suite for Azure is a comprehensive security solution perfect for businesses looking to secure their public cloud environment. You can choose to include it in your Azure security services package if you require it for your business.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Office 365 Threat Intelligence provides security intelligence that can help protect your organization from threats. It does this by identifying and analyzing email and file attachments that may be malicious. This service also includes:

  • Real-time insights into the latest threats
  • Alerts about malicious activity that may impact your organization
  • Detailed reports about the threats that have been identified

Threat intelligence is critical for protecting your business from advanced threats. Office 365 Threat Intelligence provides this intelligence so that you can protect your organization from the latest threats.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory provides an identity management solution that combines directory services with advanced authentication. It uses adaptive machine learning to deliver deep insights into suspicious activities, so you can quickly respond to threats. Azure Active Directory also features the following capabilities:

  • Single sign-on across devices and resources
  • Simplified access controls for more control over user permissions
  • Self-service password resets

With Azure Active Directory, you can manage user identities and permissions easily and securely. It helps protect your business from malicious activity and improves productivity.

Virtual Secure Mode

Azure enables businesses to deploy virtual desktops using Azure RemoteApp without creating their own infrastructure. Virtual desktops run entirely in the cloud and are accessed via a remote desktop connection.

Virtual Secure Mode (VSM) is a new feature in Azure RemoteApp that provides an additional layer of security for your virtual desktops. VSM is a secure enclave that runs on the host operating system, isolating your desktop environment from the rest of the operating system. It helps protect your data from theft or tampering with other users on the same machine.

Advanced Threat Analytics

Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is a powerful malware protection solution that helps to protect against targeted attacks. ATA monitors your network traffic for any suspicious behavior, including sign-ins from unknown or unrecognized devices and unusual spikes in activity levels. If it detects this activity, it notifies you to take action.

ATA is included with Azure security services to ensure that you can get protection for your cloud-based and on-premise environments. When looking for a public cloud provider, be sure to ask about the security features offered and how they’re beneficial for your business needs.

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