Heficed Kronos Cloud Server – A Customized Bare Metal with KVM Virtualization

Updated October 6, 2023

Going through a cloud-based server, you may have found so many advantages that it holds. If you are a newbie to this virtual cloud system, then some facts you should know. Why have professionals shifted their operations to the cloud-based server?

Well, the executions such as disaster recovery, decreasing hardware expense, saving storage, deploying faster, etc., have settled it higher. But using a better cloud server is still difficult while choosing. Here, a suitable option that you may find beneficial is the Kronos cloud server. Without digging it out, we may not judge. So, let’s jump on it.

What does it offer?

Cloud Data Security

Managing your server efficiently, scaling it up, and running with several IP addresses are the key requirements for any professionals. For making it happen, you need a robust server solution that can nicely manage these.

In this circumstance, Kronos cloud brings the KVM virtualization, provides up to 2048 IPs, and instinctive control. Besides, you will have a total root permit.

Heficed Kronos Cloud

Now let’s explore what the Heficed Kronos cloud server brings to your network. Having better infrastructure is its overall commitment. Besides, you will have a flexible resource without any blacklist IP address. As it has an in-built advanced automation system, this server is optimized with an open-source KVM.

Accessing various traits such as rebooting, remote-based console & sophisticated DNS resource system are the most significant advantages.

Benefits it serves.

As you have decided to choose the Kronos Cloud, they allow you to use their aspired Linux volume. You have the freedom of this service due to the customizable ISO. Besides, it is always open to select from several pre-installed applications.

So, there are many templates available as per your requirements. As a result, it can reduce all sorts of intricacy and difficulty. Besides, they allow you to have the best usages of the Microsoft windows server.

The terminal-based controlling division is one of the most significant factors of the Kronos cloud. An array full of useful stuff such as numerous IPv4 and IPv6, you will get. Besides, massive scalability and customized ISO benefits according to the pre-installation. Its sturdy API (Application programming interface) and self-handled DNS controlling will amaze you in the long run.

Significant factors

Across the globe, there are now 17 thousand active users of Kronos cloud. Its latest release contains HTML5 for providing us better interface flexibility. As a result, it brings an instinctive user occurrence.

Besides, it provides you enough liberty in defining the tempo of cloud adoption through permitted on-premises software. Moreover, you will not feel any pressure in migrating the package.

Heficed enables an explicit path of transmission from the customer advisory councils (CAC).  As a result, they highly produce customer’s optimal satisfaction.

Lessening the latency facts

As you want a better bare metal solution for your company, getting a faster loading time is crucial. Many companies commit high-quality services, but that ends as a failure. In the Heficed, you are getting to experience better administration along with long traffic poles.

So, executing your tasks faster is the best commitment from Heficed. Besides, you can handle a large bunch of data within a short span. Also, it can grab high-velocity information to the server.

As a result, no significant fact will arrive while you are on the mission-crucial executions. Less interruption has made this bare metal solution more attractive to the users.

Enforcing I/O massive functionality

Your company may require performing confidential data-based intensive work pressures. Besides, all the connected applications must act faster and increase the accomplishment level according to the workloads. In this scenario, Heficed brings the Kronos cloud as a savior to provide much comprehensive service.

It can differentiate itself from the attached servers. As it comes with a bare-metal solution, your company keeps the freedom to install several virtual machines. As a result, enormous alteration is possible for your company’s network.


The most significant factor the Kronos cloud delivers is to protect your company or enterprise from all sorts of security scam. So, you do not need to worry regarding upgrades, provisioning, legislative updates, etc. For its composite consultation procedure, you will always get support from them.

So, there are fewer issues while any critical or customizable implementation is needed for your company. As every bare metal solution has got some drawbacks, so is Heficed Kronos Cloud. Are you interested to know those facts? Well, let’s check these out. Besides, these facts were questioned from a few specific regions. So, it does not question the whole process of Heficed.

  •     Kronos cloud server got failed in decreasing expenses.
  •     Having issues in losing control
  •     Facing inconvenient downtime
  •     Unexpected costs

Final Words.

If the Heficed Kronos cloud is perfect enough or not, your preferred choices will answer. For the best-fitted bare metal solutions of your enterprise, some major requirements are crucial. As given above, you have already got to know which are the Heficed Kronos cloud’s strengths.

So, choosing and researching these facts will help you out from dilemmas. As it has enormous benefits in customization and other traits, these contain enough advantages in this modern era. Besides, how many employees you have settled in the network, how much equipment you need for perfect execution, etc., are also essential. Overall, this Kronos cloud server will keep you motivated during executions, along with the robustness of work.

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