New Mobile Technology to Look Out for Nowadays

Updated October 6, 2023

Over time, we have seen the evolution of mobile technology change dramatically. But what do these mobile technologies look like nowadays in 2021?

In the last year thanks to the health-related spell, we spent plenty of time on our cell phones. From buying groceries and ordering food to taking online classes, the world has seen huge adoption of mobile technology.

No matter what your job is, learning (and adopting) mobile technology is a must. Whether you are a mobile application engineer or a college student, mobile technology can help you equally. Knowing where technology is headed will keep you all ready for the future.

In this article, we’ll take a look at mobile technologies that are quickly getting common.

Top Seven Technologies to Look Out for in 2021 (and beyond…)

1. Instant apps for Android users

The fastest Android apps are one of the many mobile technologies you can say hello to in 2021. These fast apps are software that allows users to test using a traditional Android app without installing it.

These include the following, among others:

  •       Skyscanner
  •       Red Bull TV
  •       NYTimes Crossword
  •       Buzzfeed
  •       Onefootball

It is supported by the latest devices both Android and iOS.

2. Cloud-based Mobile Applications

According to industry experts, cloud-based systems are pretty much everywhere in 2021. Users of early applications of the cloud-based solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive say that these cloud-based applications have helped them immensely.

These cloud-based applications run on an active cloud system and ensure smooth and secure data sharing. Common applications that rely heavily on cloud-based technology is:

  •       Twitter
  •       Google
  •       YouTube

3. Artificial Intelligence

With each passing year, we are closer to the robots that are part of our daily routine. However, we are not yet fully there. There has been some progress in artificial intelligence, especially in the telecommunications industry.

Examples of artificial intelligence in the telecommunications industry:

  •       Siri
  •       Google Assistant
  •       Alexa
  •       Cortana

This development can be seen in standard mobile applications as well. Similar features of facial expressions and speech are just a few of the many forms of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has helped to fill translation spaces with the help of voice recognition symbols. As the user’s voice can be better understood and marketers can learn more about users. This will help them get to know the target audience and generate better revenue through the right marketing.

Artificial intelligence is going to promote the user’s video gaming experience immensely – this includes mobile casino apps and other video games.

4. Application for HealthCare

The world is looking for a healthier and better society. To stay active, mobile engineers also offer a variety of programs that focus on health care. These applications are beneficial for both; health professionals and health professionals.

An example of a health-focused app is Fitbit. The company has health-based watches that help a person track their health. The idea of ​​this idea is for the general public to monitor and monitor their well-being and participation. With the app, it’s not hard to think about information and how it works throughout the day, week, month, or year.

Some examples of health-focused software are:

  •       Healthcare monitors
  •       Smartwatches
  •       Fitness bracelets

5. Cross-Platform Development

Cross-Platform Mobile applications are a new development in the world of mobile technology. App developers who are launching their Android and iOS devices soon can take advantage of the platform upgrade.

It is very important that the application is available on only one platform and not another. As this requires higher costs, previously, businesses were a little reluctant to start their businesses on both platforms. However, today to present it on a single platform is not possible.

Businesses had to create two separate applications. But thanks to the development of the platform, businesses can now operate on both platforms. Some examples of platform development are:

  •       Chrome
  •       OpenOffice
  •       Adobe Reader
  •       Apache
  •       Thunderbird

6. Flexible Device Applications

Folding phones were in vogue at the time. However, they are returning to earth today. Samsung recently launched the Samsung Galaxy Fold while other devices are on the way.

At the Android 2018 developer conference, Android phones claiming to support funny devices continue with the screen API. Samsung is already adapting to these changes. Apple is also on the list to use this new feature as it has been working on a folding device. So get ready to see the devices installed on Apple soon.

The large display assists application designers as it ensures a clear mix of its customers. This is especially evident due to gaming and eCommerce apps, as the size of the presentation will point directly to the client experience.

According to research, the gaming industry stands to benefit a lot from these mobile technologies. You can read more about the ways technology has revolutionized the gaming industry.

IoT for Smart Devices

Most of you should have seen a lot of connected devices, thanks to the IoT industry. With various portable watches for home appliances, IoT has enabled devices to stay connected to the internet.

For example, Fitbit. The company focuses on portable devices that aid mobile application development, i.e., integrating phones with other smart devices. In addition, android and iOS apps are being developed, and we will soon be able to hear these apps being integrated with other devices such as wearable belts.

Mobile application engineers are currently approaching another stage; they can build apps while providing a model client experience on wearable gadgets.


Mobile technology has arrived on the road to growth and continues to thrive. There have been many recent developments in the mobile industry to make it easier to use. COVID-19 has attached us to our homes which is why it has not left us without using our phones all the time.

To improve the user interface, different mobile application developers have come up with different ideas and innovations. Read the article to learn about new things and trends.

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