Can Technology Help Us to Become Healthier?

Updated October 6, 2023

Turn back the clock just 30 years and you’ll find the world is hugely different. The world is so different that stepping back just 30 years would leave us without the technology we’ve all become accustomed to. People attend weekly weight-loss meetings and exercise at the gym in an effort to burn off calories.

Fast forward 30 years and we have technological advances to help us. But do can they really help us to become healthier? We’re going to look at this now:

Fitness Videos

Fitness videos are more prevalent than they have ever been. Not only can you buy a DVD of your favorite personality working out, but you can watch videos online. Thanks to the power of technological, you can keep fit in the comfort of your own home. There thousands of fitness videos to choose from and you don’t always have to pay to watch them.

Tech at the Doctor’s Office

When you visit the doctor’s office, it’s likely that you will be surrounded by technology. Diagnostic equipment is incredibly accurate these days. Touchscreens help people to check in if they don’t want to speak to a receptionist. The receptionist themselves can use appointment reminders to make sure you attend your appointment. Waiting times are listed on screens in the waiting area, and health advice is scrolled along the same screens. In these respects, technology has helped us become a lot healthier.

Smart Watches

Depending on the type of watch you own, your every step could be tracked and counted. Want to run 3 miles? Just check your distance on your watch while also seeing how many calories you’ve burned. Smart watches can help you to become healthier as they can encourage you to stay or get in shape.

Meal Subscriptions

There are many meal subscription services out there that can help you to stay healthy. Simply order them online and the number of calories you consume will be limited. That is if you stick to only eating these meals. There are many different meals to choose from and they can arrive ready for you to heat up or they can be ready for you to make.

In this respect, technology can help you to become much healthier.

Exercise Equipment

We no longer have to rely on a gym subscription to help us get in shape. We can buy the equipment that we need at home. Running machines, for example, are smaller and more advanced. They can help us to burn off calories or simply get fitter. We can buy trackers that tell us how many calories we’ve burned, and we can get all the exercise we need at home.

In some respects, technology can help us all to become healthier. We can use it to our advantage and monitor our progress. The only thing that technology can’t do is to get us motivated, it’s up to us to motivate ourselves. However, with a bit of work, we too can get healthy and stay healthy thanks to the power of technology.

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