Make Free Video Calls With Skype 5.0 Beta Version

Updated October 6, 2023

Video Calling has been increased in the past 5 years. Almost every teenager is making a social networking with there friends, relatives and lovers. A lot of services are available that provides such services that allows chating, calling and networking. Skype is the one that is the best service for all those who want to make some free video calls. The new version that is Skype 5.0 and in beta phase has come up with some additional features.

skype 5.0 free video calls

The first and important one is that now you can call to a group of 5 peoples without any cost. This special feature has been added for those who want to discuss any meeting or any other matter. Every one can see the other members and can talk to each others. You are only allowed to chat with four members. So basically 4 + You = 5 and this features allow only Five members per group.

Other features that has been added to this new version are; free skype to skype calls, free instant messaging, free phone and mobile calls, free voice mails, when you are offline forward calls to a phone and so on. Skype 5.0 Beta is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Vista and Windows 7 + Direct X 9.0 must be there. All type of internet services are supported and speaker and micro phone is of course the must have requirements. A quality webcam and good internet connection will give you more experienced service. The file size is 22 Mb and provides very easy and simple interface. Try this new Skype 5.0 Beta version and make free video calls without paying a single penny. Be the first to get this free offer until the beta version released, because after its released date skype will charge for video callings.

Download Skype 5.0 Beta

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  • Cool new additions man! always wanted the conference call feature and finally got now 🙂 thanks for the info dude 🙂

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