How to Compile a Killer PowerPoint Presentation

Updated October 6, 2023

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular tool for virtual presentations. It is a tailor fit software to illustrate, visualize and deliver the topic you are presenting effectively. It has become an indispensible part in business and educational institutions

Luring viewers’ focus into the topic we are discussing is essential to attract some potential investments or make the students understand the concept with ease


You presentation design must be elegant without extravagant design elements. Choose an appropriate template which relates to the topic you are going to present. Embed images wherever you think necessary, never use them as a placeholder.

For official presentations, light backgrounds are always advisable. Choose an optimum font size not less than 22px. The Font color should sport a good contrast with the background. Always Choose a legible font like Arial

Avoid using too many transition effects in professional presentations. Transition sounds may distract the audience which is not suggested.

Stay Crisp                                      

Avoid stuffing in several lines of text into your slides. Your audience tend to overtake you reading the content on the screen instead of following your speech. So stay crisp and include not more than 3 crisp points in each slide.


Embedding videos is the best bet to sustain audience interest in the presentation. Video should not have more than a few minute length.

Stay Consistent

Use the same Template and layout throughout the presentation (All of the slides) with a consistent background and font style,

Build Curiosity

This is one of the most effective public presentation strategies. Pose Questions to your audience to build up curiosity which makes them immerse totally into your presentation. A common technique followed in business presentations is posing questions about the current trend for the first few slides and then introducing their product which answers those questions.

Author Bio:- Article Written by Priya. She works as a social media manager at PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint Presentations

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