Leo Privacy Guard V3 – Keeps Data Secure from Snoopers

Updated October 6, 2023

The world today is filled with many people with many malicious intentions. However, this does not mean that you cannot protect your personal data or information or that you cannot keep your own profile away from other people. You can actually do all those if you have this powerful app – Leo Privacy Guard V3. Leo privacy guard V3 is a proven application that runs on Android 4.0 and can help secure your gadget for example a tablet or mobile phone. This app is an improvement of the Leo privacy guard V2. Privacy guard V3 has a small size (only three and a half megabytes) that enables very fast download and also enables it to run on gadgets with a small internal memory. This app which is able to run automatically on installation gives you a number of options for ensuring security of your device for example passwords, photos and banks PayPal.

Leo Privacy Guard V3

This app can be downloaded on Google app store and many other app stores that can be found on Android.

What does Leo Privacy Guard V3 do?

This app is capable of:

  • Keeping all your texts, pics, videos and even logs away from unauthorized persons
  • Giving you prompts and privacy alerts on things that might need your special attention
  • Helping you to manage your other apps – uninstall those requiring too much RAM while you reinstall and backup the valuable ones.
  • Enabling you to lock and unlock your other apps just on a single tap.

Privacy Guard V3 verses the older versions

Leo Privacy Guard V3 has the following new features that make it better for you and definitely more advanced that the older versions of the same:

  • A crank interception function that prevents crank calls which could be a big bother to you especially when you are in situations that demand your full attention.
  • An FAO function which enables you to get more effective assistance much more easily. Technical problems are common on many gadgets and application. However, this feature makes Privacy Guard V3 a special app as the technical issues that can arise from the use of this app can be solved within very short time.
  • Optimal privacy scanning – this gives the user better experience of using this app as he or she can be very sure of the security of their data and personal information.
  • An improved interface design – the interface looks so sleek and is notably easy to use. It is the kind of interface that gives you that retro feel whenever you look at your screen. The interface gives you a wide range of very stylish themes from which you can choose one that suits you. The interface is so easy to use that anyone with an android device can use it.
  • Reduced power consumption with optimum performance. This is the ultimate app- one that will lower your cost and need for power but at the same time give you the best ever results.


Privacy guard V3 is actually the most trustworthy protection and privacy app that you can download on Android markets. It is the best way to deal with those annoying snoopers who want to get into your privacy.


  • First of all thank you for LEO Privacy. It full fill all my apps secured. I can give my phone to any of my children without any fear. Thank you once again.

  • Leo privacy is a great app. So easy to operate. It is a security guard software which protects your privacy. You get to set a unique password or pattern. It is more efficient than some security apps I have used before. I am happy I found this app.

  • Great App, i will also try on my phone thanks for sharing. keep update.. 🙂

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