Keep Your Important Emails Separate with Gmail Priority Inbox

Updated October 6, 2023

Bloggers have to engage in  several social networking activities and have to subscribe to many websites. In this condition they get a lot of emails daily in their mailbox. So all emails either  important mails or less important mails are mixed. Suppose we are in hurry and we want to check only our very important mails but those important mails are dispersed in less important mails then you have to read all mails to find out important.

Gmail priority Inbox

Now gmail offers its new feature of priority inbox. With this feature you can categorize  your emails ( i am not talking about spam mails ). You can mark any mail as important and mark any as less important and your priority inbox will only receive important mail.Though it is other matter that all your emails will become safe but they will be shown below the priority inbox.Priority inbox will show your important mails ( marked by you ) at the top of your mailbox.

How to Use priority Inbox

First of all you have to activate this feature by going in gmail settings.

select setting
gmail setting

When you will see the priority inbox option in settings you have to select the option show priority inbox.Here you can also set more options such as number of important emails shown in priority inbox and how many emails should be shown in priority inbox etc.After configuring all options click on save changes.

show priority inbox

Now in Inbox

Now your inbox will be divided into three parts priority inbox on top,starred at middle and everything else on bottom.You can mark any received mail as important or less important. Mails those will be marked as important will be shown in priority inbox.

Besides it you can also see the regular version of inbox

new gmail

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    Its really a wonderful option by google. Thanks for the share.

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