The Advantages of Gmail over Apple Mail

Updated October 6, 2023

There is a growing number of computer users and businesses choosing Gmail over Apple Mail, and some of these converts have even been die-hard Mac users in the past. This may sound hard to believe, but with the flurry of innovations and the barrage of new features that Google has been adding to Gmail and its other free apps, there are now more reasons than ever to choose Gmail over Apple Mail — or any other web-based email service.

In addition to the solid reliability of Gmail, there are also backup Gmail applications on the market now that can effectively add another layer of security to your business Gmail email account. The list of reasons to trust Google with your business data continues to grow.

Those who have used both Apple Mail and Google’s Gmail report a number of the differences between the two. When compared side by side, it doesn’t take long to see that Gmail is the more feature-rich of the two, and Apple’s mail product seems almost no-frills by comparison.

The advantages of Gmail vs. Apple Mail are numerous. For example, Apple Mail has no “unsend” feature, and no “missing attachment” check or alert, while Gmail does. It is also not possible to attach a photo via a reference URL in Apple Mail. Apple Mail does not offer prioritization of messages in the Inbox, whereas Gmail has these features. It is also more difficult to select and delete multiple email messages in Apple Mail.

As for ease of use, there are few keyboard shortcuts in Apple Mail, whereas Gmail has a keyboard shortcut for just about every function. Gmail also saves Drafts of your emails even if they have just been started. They are saved within the thread of the email you are replying to for added convenience. Apple Mail lacks these features. Also, Apple Mail only allows for a single Inbox. It is not nearly as flexible as Gmail, which allows for multiple inboxes.

These are just some of the reasons that even Mac users have been choosing Gmail over Apple Mail for personal as well as business use. With backup Gmail apps available as well, business users can easily put an added layer of protection in place to shield their valuable business correspondence from any unfortunate incident. As secure and stable as Google and the Gmail platform may be, they are not totally immune from having an outage or loss of data. With backup Google Apps, you can rest easy that your data is always safe and secure.

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