How to Find IP Address of Your Gmail Sender

Updated October 6, 2023

Update 23 Nov, 2021: Google has restricted showing sender IP address in Gmail. There is no way you can find IP Address of the sender in Gmail now. Previously it was possible but it is not now. However, there are other ways you can use to find information about the sender.

Go directly to the end of the article to know about the possible ways for finding IP Address of Gmail Sender.

Do you want to track the details of someone sending mails to your Gmail account? Here is a simple way to track the IP of the mails which hits your Gmail Inbox, use the IP and find the further details of the sender.

How to Find IP Address of Gmail Sender?

1. When you open the e-mail you could see a small down arrow button next to Reply button. Just click that to get some options listed.
Show original2. Click the option Show Original which is the second from the bottom. A pop up will open in a new tab/window with some encoding information.

3. Take a look at the image present below and then read the next line. Huh, here is the IP of the sender in the first line of the highlighted part.
find gmail IP4. Go to any websites that shows the details of an IP and find out who is sending the mail. There are many websites which provides the service, just google it.

For Example you can use

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Ways to Find IP Address of Gmail Sender

1. Reverse Email Lookup Tools

There are different tools and ways you can use to find IP Address of Gmail Sender. has written a detailed article about Reverse Email Lookup. Go through it and you will find it helpful.

2. Social Media Location Tracking

You can search the Email Address of the person in Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media to find information about the person. You can also find any person online using the tips mentioned in the article.


  • Lester Narito

    I am trying to track an ip of a gmail sender and found out that all my gmail emails have the same ip.
    What is a possible explanation for this?
    Is the ip address of the gmail sender for the domain google only thus all ip of all emails of gmail sender have the same ip?

    Thank you.

  • PLEASE HELP!! is there any way to trace an gmail ip adress??

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