How Woodworkers Are Using Tech to Work Smartly?

Updated October 6, 2023

We live in an era where everything is made easy for us! Starting from an automated vehicle, state-of-the-art communication devices, top-notch consoles for gaming, realistic television experiences to AI (Artificial Intelligence) operated robots, machines, the internet, and everything!

In short, in the 21st century, there is a technology for everything out there. So, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that woodworkers are adapting and adopting new technologies to make their work much more efficient. And, then there is the internet, which provides its users with all the information they need along with new ones!

And, if you did not know about this, then this is where you must be! Here we shall tell you everything you need to know regarding the topic, including where and how these technologies are being used. To get more idea on the topic, check out

How Do You Use Tech in This Area?

Well, if you have a smartphone, then you can use it to do various types of works. A survey published recently stated that around 45.4 percent of the world population owned a smartphone (which is around 3.5 billion people given that the current world population is 7.7 billion). So, we are quite confident that you have one!

Now, you can use this to marvelous multitasking devices to do all types of things, including work on your woodworking skills. You could use your phone to find out new details to ensure superior results, or you can get new suggestions to do your work quicker.

Besides, there are apps that you can get from the respective online sites of your device (Apple Store or Google Play) or just get the required app from the reliable online site, which should enable you to do certain types of jobs with relative ease.

Furthermore, nowadays, you can get your hands onto devices that use advanced technologies and software that provide you with accurate, more detailed, and optimum results every time you use them.

There are tools with gauges, meters, message bars, etc. These should you get better results and allow you to do more complex projects.

Are you still confused about how these are being used? You do not have to worry, as the next section has what you need!

Usage of Modern Tech in Woodworking Sites

There are several ways in which you can use technology to enhance your woodwork projects. Let’s cover most of them!

  • Using Mobiles 

There are several ways to use mobiles to make your wood-crafting life easier. Smartphones were introduced around seven years ago, and it is quite intriguing how they have made our lives so much efficient.

Because of these small masterpieces, we literally have everything in the tip of our fingers. And, here are some of the ways in which we can use them to benefit us during our projects!

  1. You can take pictures! By taking pictures, you have a perfect before-and-after statement, which should act as a comprehensive description of how reliable you are in the trade.
  2. If you are having issues in getting your hand on a distinct part, then you can effortlessly take pictures of that and send it to the manufacturers to help you with that. Or, if a certain piece or tool is broken, then you can send photos to an expert and ask them what to do with it.
  3. You can also use your mobile to ask for the customer’s opinion, which should allow you to get the best results out of the project.
  4. Furthermore, you can stay connected numerous web-relying tools that should allow you to meet deadlines, track time, and also find the most recent projects in the market.
  • Apps or Software

There is a whole lot of things that you can do by using your phones. By the way, we haven’t talked about the most innovative features of smartphones, the apps! And, with the help of these, we can do several types of works without any issue plus, also provides you with the best results!

  • Wood Information

With the help of downloadable apps, you can now find out all the pieces of information that you might need to do the task. These apps have information about the wood’s name, its type, its attributes, depth, and so much more.

These pieces of information should make your task much more effortless and help you achieve optimum results.

  • EMC Calculator

What is the EMC calculator? Well, it is short for Equilibrium Moisture Content calculator and can come quite in handy during your wood-crafting projects. You see, wood takes in or gives off moisture to stay in equilibrium with ambient relative humidity. And this is a very significant factor.

If the wood cells take in or give off too much moisture, then the wood might swell up (because of high moisture) or crack, break easily (because of a shortage of moisture. To make things easier for you, the ideal wood conditions are when the wood’s moisture content is higher than 20% but lower than 80%.

  • Advanced Tools

In recent years, there are several things that you can use to make your wood-working career much easier. Power tools of the 21st century is much more efficient and precise in their works and, they come with several other features like dept meters, over-cutting warnings, smoother operation, etc.

But that is not all the technology has to offer you! Recently, mechanized, and automated machines have been created. Due to these, there is no need for you to do intensive labors, and all you have to do is input the required data, and the machines should provide you the results that even you can’t achieve manually.


Technology has changed our world entirely! And, because of the development of apps, tools, types of machinery and much more, we assure you that you will be able to achieve results like never! Besides, there are several things that you can do using today’s technologies, all you must do is get creative!

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