How To Write An Excellent Online Resume For Job Applications

Updated October 6, 2023

A search for a new job might be difficult. It’s easy to recycle an old CV and fill in the blanks with your latest job experience, especially when there are many other things to do, like researching potential employers, gathering professional references, rehearsing for interviews, and analyzing the wage range for your position.

Allow yourself to think before you act. Getting an interview for your ideal job means having a well-crafted paper that grabs the reader’s attention right away. The most vital document in your professional life is your CV. This paper, on the other hand, maybe intimidating to many people. A single page may not be enough space for all of your information. Is your resume formatted and written incorrectly? This could be the first time in your life you’ve heard of a resume!

To ensure your resume stand out, here are five creative ideas.

Online Resume


Start with a bang:

The part at the head of the CV is really valuable. An attention-grabbing headline is essential if you want resume evaluators to go beyond a superficial check.

In the past, resumes included an objective statement just below the candidate’s contact information to explain the type of job they were seeking. In contrast, today’s recruiters and recruiters are looking for a short, concise paragraph that looks more like a personal biographical statement. For example, this 30-second elevator pitch can be summed up in two or three key sentences. In addition, they should provide a summary of your work history and education and highlight your relevant talents for the position you are applying for.

To be noticed:

Writing a good CV is all about highlighting your relevant skills to the job or company. For example, if the organization has international operations, proficiency in a foreign language may provide you with an advantage in landing an interview. You can also display your quality as a leader by joining a Meetup club in your industry. If you want to stand out in any industry, use your unique talents and experiences to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to highlight any extracurricular activities you’ve been involved in while applying for a job. If you have a lot of personal hobbies and interests, don’t go overboard. Your CV is a business document, and it should be treated as such.

Keywords are crucial:

In many cases, employers look for keywords in cover letters and CVs that match the job postings. As a result, you should tailor your resume to every job posting you apply to by incorporating part of the job description’s language into your document. If a company is searching for someone with experience in “maintaining executives’ calendars,” use the exact wording in your CV rather than a more informal phrase like “tracking schedules.”

As per the job description, tailor your experience accordingly:

With a specific job in mind, you can boost the value of your experience section. Start by going through the job description for the position you are interested in. The ad’s keywords and occupation-specific nouns should be included as frequently as possible in your CV.

Using this strategy is a great way to associate with the hiring manager and establish that you are the best candidate for their advertised job.

It’s all about soft skills:

It’s essential to bear in mind that interpersonal skills are essential for professional success. The ability to think critically, manage one’s time effectively, be creative, and solve problems are all highly sought-after skills in today’s society. Therefore, you must include them in your resume. ” You can also leverage your previous work experience and accomplishments to illustrate your capacity to work with others, adapt, and lead.

On the other side, it may be more challenging to exhibit other soft abilities. A motivational speech or a podcast, for example, isn’t something that most of us can refer to as proof of our speaking and presentation ability. However, each of us has a LinkedIn profile. Inquire about recommendation letters from a few colleagues, former colleagues, or people in your network who can communicate with your leadership and teamwork skills, and inventiveness.


Every job, sector, and an individual will necessitate a different set of resume writing tips to suit their needs. Those in the creative industry, for example, may want to include a link to their online portfolios. Likewise, new college grads can use labs, class projects, and lectures to demonstrate their hard and soft skills even when they lack work experience.

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