5 Must-Know Tips While Creating a Resume

Updated October 6, 2023

You may have great skills, but what’s good about them if you can’t pack them nicely and deliver them to the potential employers the way they can’t resist your application. Creating a resume is quite an artistic and intricate job since it is the first thing that gives your potential bosses some idea of what kind of a professional you are and what sort of human being you represent ( yes, it can be observed as well). That’s why you should contribute the lion’s share of your efforts to making the right resume ( design-wise, content-wise, organization-wise…). Every word you write in it matters. Therefore, before writing any, make sure to check through the must-knows that this article has compiled for you.

Start with a design

By saying that your resume has to look professional it is not meant to be read and heard as “boring”. Just plain paper with a bunch of letters informing about your victories in a certain professional field may not at all impress, demonstrating that the creator lacks creativity. Lately, the business is all about being creative.

It would be highly recommended to go in for templates. Various templates are suggested for CV-creating purposes. Choose the one that fits in terms of the company you apply for and the skills,  and talents you offer. No problem with having colors, shapes, and specially highlighted areas. A thoroughly -thought design shows that you care, you indeed want this position, and have truly serious intentions.

Relevant content

Definitely, you will not be writing about your excellent horseback riding skills if the last interaction with the horse you had was giving a carrot and running away. The thing is even more not about what, but how you do it and in what order you place the professional key events.

Place your work experience and achievements at the top position. It will be examined thoroughly. Also, mention all the alma-mater places and extra courses you took. Describe your responsibilities using the strongest and real action-oriented words like improved, achieved, mentored, negotiated, influenced, administered, formulated, yielded, deducted, expanded, furthered, etc. Forget about saying “result-oriented” or “true-team-player”. they do not impress anymore, sorry. Mention the level of your skills ( advanced, proficient, excellent, etc.). Provide the real contact information, links to your profiles that might contribute to your professional value, and place some reference information, to show you are an open person with nothing to hide in your professional background. Also, be quite discreet with  whether there must be a photo on your resume, or it should go without it.

Also optimize your text, using keywords, that will exactly align with the concepts used in the job description. Before the person sees it, there might be an automated system that screens for such words and does not let go through the screener if the resume lacks the words that correspond with the position requirements.

One resume does not fit…

It seems to be a crystal clear thing that when applying for different positions, you create different resumes. However, even applying for one and the same position but for different companies, your resume should adjust with what exactly the company looks for in the job-seeker. The position may even have a different title, therefore if previously you have applied for “customers’ support specialist” and now another company is looking for a “customers’ care specialist”, you have to change that word in the middle, without hoping that “they would understand’.

Your soft skills, hobbies, and interests might also be slightly transformed around the description of the company and people working there. Nope, it is not lying or pretending. What if you indeed like doing what your future colleagues are engaged in. After all, you share the same professional calling. Just research your company thoroughly, see what you already have in order to definitely match the missing puzzle employee-wise. Then you may decorate something that is in the evolving process.

Fish in the competition waters

It’s OK to monitor what other applicants suggest in their resumes when applying for the same position. Sometimes, you might be missing some important data to provide, and the competitors’ resumes will remind you about it. It is not about copycatting, just some extra inspiration and improvement, or even useful things to implement for your further professional growth. Take it as research on how to do the job right implementing your approach, though. Look through professional profiles of those who are already in the position you are seeking. There you might get some ideas for your job-seeking experience getting easier and more profitable.

Refine your content

Editing and proofreading are essential factors for creating a decent resume. Even if you are not applying for the philology specialist position, still, what you have placed in your resume must be immaculately correct, free of grammar and stylistic errors. You must show that you are a literate human being and friendly with spelling and grammar checker software. It results in creating quite a positive impression of you being a problem-solver, a person who is used to doing things right, attentive to details, and responsible with the tasks assigned. A poorly written resume shows the attitude to doing any business. If you didn’t have time to check whether there is a double letter or “y” should change to “ie”, it means that your work completion may look the same – no extra effort to do things that are indeed nice.

To sum up

A resume is a path to finding the job of your dreams. Therefore it is worthy to apply extra efforts when creating one. You, for sure, take care of your Instagram profile as immaculately as only your knowledge permits. Probably, you even research the days when you should post. It is highly recommended that you treat your resume creation with the same responsible and dedicated approach. It is the resume that gives you a chance for an interview. Therefore, naturally, your main goal is to make your professional presentation document look appealing to the one who will be  looking through it.

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