Useful RapidShare Tools and Applications

Updated October 6, 2023

RapidShare is the world best and leading file hosting website, that operates from Switzerland. Initially it was accessible through domain ( but now all the visitors from that domain is redirected to ( Which is now the only domain for RapidShare. The speed for uploading and downloading is very fast in rapidshare as compare to other file hosting websites. Although there are some limitations for free users like limited download per day, only file to download at a time etc. But there are solution for these problems, like i share a working trick through which you can download unlimited files at a time.

Download Unlimited Files From RapidShare

Similarly there are some useful tools and applications for rapidshare, which will help you to get more from rapidshare. Following the most popular tools and applications.

Useful Tools and Applications for RapidShare

Orbit Downloader

orbit downloader for rapidshare

Orbit Downloader is the revolutionary download manager for rapidshare, which has the unique ability to download files from streaming media websites like rapidshare. As compare to other download manager that CNET has, orbit downloader is the only fast and useful download manager to download files and other data with high speed. This is the most popular downloader for RapidShare.


rapget rapidshare tools

RapGet is a downloader with code recognition for servers as,, and others. Just orbit downloader, it is also very useful download manager to download files from these websites. The best thing about RapGet is that it is a very simple file. It requires only 200 KB of space. Auto Downloads, Simultaneous downloads and multilingual support are the key features of RapGet.

Rapid Fox


Search the whole rapidshare directory for all available files and then download it using the above download manager. Rapid Fox is the oldest search engine for rapidshare. You can easily find useful files, cracks and software in rapidshare directory.

Share Miner

share pictures on rapidshare

Using ShareMiner search enigne you can search Rapidshare, Megaupload and many other uploading sites and file hosting services. It allows more advance search options, like search games, search softwares, music, videos documents and ebooks etc. The search terms are relevant to the exact terms, and you will get accurate result.

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