How to Market an Audiobook Promoting Your Business

Updated October 6, 2023

It is true to say that audio is one of the quickest-growing segments in the world of digital media. As more people opt to consume information on their favorite hobbies and industries via on-demand audiobooks, it’s an opportunity for businesses and brands to reach out to their respective target demographics and articulate their expertise and services. If you are preparing to launch your first audiobook to promote your brand, read on as we discuss the most effective ways to market audiobooks that provide content to supplement additional channels, such as print and ebooks.

Promoting Your Audiobook Business


Promote Your Audiobooks with Audible

Audible should be right at the top of your list of platforms to market any new audiobooks through. As an Amazon-owned portal, it is understandably one of the most active audio platforms in terms of user base. Create your own Author Page on Audible which can be used to promote your work to Audible subscribers. These pages are like your shop front – your opportunity to invite target listeners into your world and give them something useful to listen to whilst they are there.

Audiograms Can Provide Engaging Excerpts That Pique Interest

If you want to tease snippets of your audiobook to encourage new listeners to subscribe and listen to full chapters, audiograms are an effective tool. There are handy apps like Headliner that you can use to cut excerpts from your audio to share on your social media handles, or even embed within your official website.

Target Audiobook Launches in Seasonal Peaks

Audiobooks can also be seasonal too, launched during peak periods to take advantage of the biggest potential audiences. For example, December will always be a mad month for businesses whose high season relies on Christmas. Businesses should look to launch audiobooks providing festive inspiration from November onwards. June is considered one of the most exciting months in the calendar for poker players, with the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in full swing. That’s why many publishers seek to release their audiobooks over this period, to provide inspiration to enthusiasts and tell intimate stories of poker successes and failures that inspire and motivate in equal measure.

Use Your Website to Link Directly to Audible and iTunes

If your business or service gets organic and paid traffic to your website, harness this and guide users to your Audible and iTunes pages. Create a unique landing page about your audiobooks on-site that can discuss their content and context, and invite users to click the external links to purchase through Audible or iTunes, depending on their preference.

Consider Giving Away Promo Codes for Early Access Purchases

The lifeblood of a successful audiobook is genuine reviews from listeners. They legitimise your work and help to build a reputation for your content and expertise. To entice new listeners to listen and review your chapters, why not offer discount codes that can incentivise new listeners? ACX offers a promo code function for audiobook creators, with the ability to generate unique promo codes for subscribers via your own dashboard.

Paid Advertising Can Target Your Demographic on Amazon and Social Media

If you have the budget to do so, it can be worth ring-fencing some funds to invest in paid advertising for your audiobooks. Facebook Advertising is exceptionally granular and makes it easy to target specific demographics, while Amazon Advertising makes it possible to send traffic to your book from relevant Amazon stores.

Create QR Codes to Send Users Immediately to Your Audiobook

Another simple way to direct users directly to your latest audiobook chapters is to utilise QR codes that work with smartphone cameras. Users simply point their camera to your unique QR code and their preferred web browser loads your audiobook page. There are websites that allow you to create bespoke QR codes for free, making this a budget-friendly marketing technique.

Tease Sample Audiobook Trailers or Chapters via YouTube

If you are prepared to share more than a brief snippet of your audiobook content in an audiogram, you could always upload a sample chapter on your brand’s YouTube channel. YouTube used to be a platform exclusively for video content, but more people are using it for audio-exclusive content like audiobooks and podcasts today.

Even if you deploy just one or two of the above marketing techniques, it’s highly likely that you will be able to grow your listener base. In turn, this can help to grow the exposure of your goods or services or promote a specific cause, whilst cementing your brand as an expert in its field.

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