Do You Over Dependent on Google?

Updated October 6, 2023

This question is very relevant today. Are we over dependent on Google? Well! My answer would be undoubtedly yes!

How come we the people have become so dependent on Google? In fact, not just layman but bloggers and small business owners are also dependent on Google. This could have some adverse affect on the minds of individuals. Let us debate them, one by one.

Is Google Spying on you?

First, apprehension that comes to my mind is Google spying on you. Whatever we are searching online, every small detail is tracked by Google. Hence Google is able to know all our secrets that we are searching on the Internet.  Google want to use this information for their own financial gain but morally they are no one to breach our privacy. I have known that Google knows about me more than my wife. Hence it could be dangerous if Google choose to become an evil.

Only Largest Platform for Traffic

Here I am talking as a blogger not as a layman.

The reason for our dependence on Google is because it is the number one search engine in the market. Everyone goes to Google if they want to search something. Therefore, as a blogger 90% of traffic comes from Google search engine. So webmasters have to rely on Google for their profits and livelihood. In fact, no other search engine could match the reach of Google. Hence, traffic to our blogs or websites certainly makes bloggers more dependent upon Google.

Adsense Revenue for Bloggers

Adsense is the number one program when it comes to contextual advertising. No other program can match or even come closer to Google Adsense. Around $3 billion, every year Google pays to bloggers around the world through Adsense program. You can imagine how the publishers around the world benefit from Google.

There are other programs on Internet that also pays for contextual advertising but they are not as good as Google Adsense. Fortunately or unfortunately bloggers and publishers love Google Adsense because it pays you on time like no other program.

This is yet another factor that makes blogging community dependent on Google.

Future of SEO for your Blog

Someday as a blogger if you are dreaming that your blog will rank on first page of the Google search result then you have to depend on Google.  Google by-far dominates the search engine market share. It takes more than 80% of the market share and rest of it is taken by other players. Hence, if you want to optimize your blog or website then you have to go by the rules set by the Google. You cannot break those rules otherwise Google may slap you.

Every publisher targets Google for getting most of the traffic, hence there is no running away from Google. This makes us dependent on Google.

Expanding Your Small Business through Google

Now I will talk from the point of view of small business owners present around the world. Even they are to an extent dependent on Google. Although not like bloggers, but still they are. If you are aware of Google adwords program then it is used by small business owners to get customers to their website.

A business owner wants to sell shoes or antiques then he or she can get a lot of customers through Google search engine. Here business owners have to pay Google. Hence even business community depends upon Google.

Negative Impact on Research Ability

Let us talk negative impact of Google on the young students. Google is not a reliable source if you are doing some serious research. All the information that you find in Google is created by random people contributing on internet.

Young students and researchers are losing the power of critical analysis because of their dependence on Google. Google has become a shortcut way to find an answer to a question.

Earlier students used to read and search for books in libraries, they also use to conduct interviews for information gathering but now there is a shortcut called Google.

You say Just Google It! Well! That is degrading the research capability of our children.

Fear of Government’s Intervention

Too much dependence on Google could backfire as well. If you are depending upon Google for your livelihood as a blogger, for your business, for research and for other services than it could proving damaging.

What happens if government of a particular country decides to ban Google forever or for some time? Countries like China, Iran and Pakistan have done it.

You will have to lose your job and money that you have being earning from Google. Hence, this is another negative impact of over dependence on Google.

How Can we really Reduce Dependence on Google?

So can we-the-people as well as bloggers and business owners could reduce dependency on Google. Well! Layman could use other search engine platforms like Yahoo or Bing which are equally good. Bloggers and publishers could try out other advertising platforms which are genuine and also paying well. The worst effete of Google would be the young children who are not able to use their mind for critical analysis. They would always rely on an easy option and that is Google.

Therefore students must rekindle the art of researching and finding facts about a given topic. They should read books, consult elders rather just Googling.

Could You Create another Google?

In last paragraph we did talk about reducing our dependence on Google. Still they are not the best one. The best thing to do is to create another platform like Google. In fact, which is better than Google? It is happening even now, software developers and programmers want to bring down the monopoly of Google by creating another search engine better than Google.

More and more search engines should be created so that a single company does not have monopoly on the search market. This could be the best way to reduce dependence on Google.


Finally, I will conclude by saying that we as a layman or as a blogger have become over dependent on Google. It has some serious negative impact on us and our society at large. Hence, we should work together to reduce this dependency on Google.

Author Bio:- This article is contributed by Priya N who writes about online jobs, blogging tips, career tips, Govt jobs etc. People who are looking for ways to make money through blogging can visit her blog Jobs8Home.

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