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Updated December 23, 2023

Who among us doesn’t experience disappointment when a “deleted comment” enters their Reddit comment box, right? Reddit is a communal news platform and a discussion board where users vote on and socially curate content. On the well-known social media site “Reddit”, users can upload information, participate in discussions, and vote on posts and comments.

However, people may choose to delete their posts or comments for a variety of reasons, including remorse over what they had to say, disapproval from others, or other factors. How to see deleted Reddit posts and comments is the main problem faced by other users of Reddit.

How to See Reddit Deleted Posts Comments

9 Ways to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

A post or remark that has been deleted is no longer accessible to other users and is deleted from the site’s servers. If you wish to see the content that was erased, this can be frustrating. Here 9 techniques have been shared to see deleted Reddit posts and comments used worldwide.  

1. Make use of the Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine View Reddit Deleted Comments

An online archive called The :Wayback Machine” captures images of web pages at various moments in time. It’s possible that a Reddit post or remark that has since been removed was already stored by the Wayback Machine.

  • Enter the URL of the deleted Reddit post or comment you want to read on the Wayback Machine website.
  • You will see a calendar of dates with blue circles representing the times when images were captured if the post or comment has been archived.
  •  To view a snapshot, click on a date.
  •  If the comment or post was not archived, you will receive a warning that reads, “Sorry, this URL has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.”  

The post or remark might not have been preserved in the Wayback Machine’s databases if it contained private information or broke Reddit’s content guidelines  

2. 5 Third-Party Tools to See Reddit Deleted Comments and Posts

Several third-party apps assert that they can recover deleted Reddit posts and comments. By connecting to Reddit’s API and obtaining data from the website’s servers, these tools function.

 It’s crucial to keep in mind that using these tools can be against Reddit’s terms of service and that they might not always function. The following are some tools you can use:  

1. How to See Reddit Deleted Posts with Removeddit

Reddit postings and comments that have been deleted can be viewed on the website known as Removeddit. If the content is still accessible, Removeddit will display it when you enter the link of the removed post or comment.


2. How to See Deeted Reddit Comments and Post with Pushshift

Reddit information is archived via the data aggregation tool Pushshift (New Name The stuff you’re seeking might be in the archives even though it’s not intended to recover deleted posts and comments. By typing the URL of the post or comment or using keywords, you can search for deleted content on Pushshift. The user can easily see deleted Reddit posts and comments.

Pushshift Reddit Deleted Posts and Comments

3. See Reddit Deleted Comments via Reveddit

Reveddit shows comments that are deleted by the moderators. It does not show deleted comments of users. It can also sometime show deleted posts. The tool can also notify you when any of your comment or post is deleted by the moderator. Reveddit can also reavel shadowban wheather subreddit-based or site-wide ban.

Reveddit See Deleted Posts

4. How to See Deleted Posts and Comments on Android – Unddit

Reddit postings and comments that have been deleted can be viewed on the website known as Unddit. If the content is still accessible, Unddit will display it when you enter the link of the removed post or comment.

Unddit Android App See Deleted Posts

5. How to View Reddit Deleted Comments – Resavr

You are unable to read deleted posts using Resavr. There is an entire website devoted to viewing deleted comments. Another problem is that you can’t use the thread’s link to search for a specific topic to find a particular removed comment.

Resavr View Deleted Comments

3. VPN

You can occasionally access banned Reddit content by

  • Changing your IP address and getting around some limitations by using a (VPN). VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.
  • But be aware that utilizing a VPN can potentially violate Reddit’s terms of service. 

4. Utilize a cached copy of the page.  

You can try conducting a Google search for the deleted post or remark if you recollect the title of the text. Google may still have cached a copy of the web page that you continue to access.

  • Go to Google
  •  type the post’s title or a portion of its content into the search box.  
  • You’ll see a tiny green indicator next to the query result if Google has an archived version of the website.
  • To view the cached version, click the arrow.  

You will receive a notice that reads, “This page is not available in the Google cache,” if Google does not have a cached copy of the page.

Cache Copy of Reddit Comments

It should be noted that Google’s memory is not necessarily current, so it’s likely that the page’s cached version does not contain the post or remark that was removed  

5. Verify more social media sites

Occasionally, people will cross-post their Reddit content to websites like Instagram or Facebook. You might try searching for the deleted post or remark on these sites if you remember the title or some of the content to see if it has been reposted.

6. Examine the person’s Reddit history

You might try looking through the Reddit history of the individual whose post or comment was deleted if you know their username to see whether they posted the material elsewhere. Users occasionally remove comments or posts before reposting them under a different username. The following is how to check:

  • Visit the Reddit website
  •  type the content’s deletion user’s username into the search field.  
  • To see if the user posted the content anywhere else, click on their profile
  • browse through their posting history
  • The process is not that much efficient due to the fact the history is usually deleted by the person beforehand.

7. Contact the person who took the content down

You can try contacting the person who deleted the post or remark to get the post. You can ask if the person still has the post or not. If they accidentally erased it or have a personal copy of the material, they could be willing to discuss it with you.

8. Make a Reddit Support request

The best option is to contact  Reddit’s customer care department and ask whether they can help you recover the deleted content. Keep in mind, though, that the Reddit support team might not be able to recover deleted content, particularly if it was removed a while ago.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that some Reddit content that has been removed may have been done so for a valid reason, such as because it contained personal information or broke Reddit’s content policies. Make sure you have a good cause for trying to recover deleted content and that you aren’t infringing on Reddit’s terms of service or privacy policies before you attempt to do so.

9. Utilize web archives

Other online archive services, besides the Wayback Machine, might have saved deleted Reddit information. Several instances include:  

  • Website snapshots are permanently archived by the website archive. is. You can check to see if a deleted Reddit post or comment was archived by entering its link.  
  • Using the Website service, you may save any webpage as a permanent archive. By entering the URL of the post or comment, you can utilize it to archive removed Reddit material.  


Nearly everyone is aware of Reddit’s infamous reputation for users deleting posts and comments. However, now that you’ve gone through 9 techniques on how to see deleted Reddit posts and comments, you can quickly access them all.

If you posted the content yourself before deleting it, you might be able to recover it using data recovery software.

FAQs for How to View Reddit Deleted Comments

Why was my Reddit post deleted?

Your Reddit post can be deleted if you violated the rules and guidelines of Reddit community. OR if your post was flagged by other users or moderator.

How long is my location stored on Reddit?

Reddit only keeps track of your IP address information for a hundred days after your last visit, except for the IP address used to register your account.

What occurs to a Reddit post that is removed?

Please be aware that when you withdraw a post, the post’s link stays active but the actual post is removed. The post can only be accessed directly; it won’t come up in searches on Reddit. Your chats and emails stop connecting.

How can I find out the specific reason for my post being deleted?

You can check your email for any specific reason due to which your post is deleted by the moderator.

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