5 Websites To Write Sponsor Reviews- Buy Blog Posts and Earn Money

Updated October 6, 2023

Blogging is one of the most secure business on internet. Secure in this sense that there are plenty of ways to earn money from your blog and even you have plenty of options like quick payday loans to cover the initial blogging expenses. You can earn from Adsense,Yahoo, MSN, Chitika etc, you can earn from Direct advertisements, Affiliate links OR you can earn from writing sponsor reviews about services or products. If you are not able to make good money from Adsense etc then you should give a try to sponsor reviews.

But again, it depends on your blog traffic, quality and Page Rank. The higher page rank, good amount of traffic and subscriber, the more will be earning from Per Sponsor Review. I assume that your blog is well promoted and having good Page Rank, then Sponsors Reviews (Buy Blog Review) can help you to earn a very decent amount of money from your blog. Normally a well promoted blog can get $2 to $50 Per sponsor review, depends on traffic and subscribers. For Example JhonCow charges $500 Per Review, similarly other popular bloggers like Problogger, DoshDosh etc also charge high amount for per review. Now if you want to earn money from “Buy Blog Reviews” or “Sponsor Reviews” then the following websites are the most popular and reputable websites.

5 Popular Buy Sponsor Blog Reviews Website

1. BuySponsorReviews

buy blog reviews

This is one of the most popular website, which provide you sponsor reviews post for your blog. You will have to write a post about a product, service or website and the owner of the website will pay you decent amount of money for Per Post. It depends on your blog popularity, the more your blog is popular, the high amount you will get.

2. SponsoredReviews

write sponsored reviews

If you want to earn money from your blog, then sponsor reviews can help you to earn per post. You will be provided a product of website on which you have to write a post. You should follow all the guidelines mentioned by the advertiser. At the end of the article you should also link to the Advertiser Blog or Website. After all steps, you will get paid for the Post. Once again the amount depends on your blog quality. Minimum deposit is $50 and PayPal is supported payment process.

3. LinkFromBlog

link from blog

Just like the above one, this is also a Sponsor Review website, where you can request sponsors reviews or write reviews about website or products to earn money from your blog. Minimum Payout through PayPal is $50 and you can deposit from $10 to unlimited to your account, in order to advertise your own blog in other’s blog. Create a free account and then submit your blog. After approval you will be able to post reviews and request reviews.

4. PublishMyArticles

It has different rates for different blogs, for example if you blog has PR 1 then you will get $2 per post, PR 2= $3, PR 3 = $4, PR 4 = $5 etc. You will get paid after every week.  Payments are made through PayPal. The best thing about this service is that there is no need to write article, you will get ready mate articles. Just post that article to your blog and you will get paid according to your blog PR.

5. BuyBlogPost

Here you can also buy blog posts and post reviews for other blogger to earn money. This can provide you lots of benefits like if you want to write reviews, then other bloggers will also contact you to write on there blog, product or service. OR if you want to request for sponsor review, then you will get links from other blogs + traffic.


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  • It is said that publishing many sponsored articles will seriously affect your pagerank.

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    What about the website PayPerPost…that is also supposed to be a sponsored review website

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