13 Best Reddit Apps for Android – [2024 Tested]

Updated December 23, 2023

Reddit, a networking site, known for providing the latest information and gossip for its users, has introduced many apps for Android. These apps elevate the socializing experience and make Reddit more fun. Among them, some apps are not so worthy and have some restrictions, while other apps are exciting and entertaining. 

All Reddit apps have different features. Therefore, it depends on your priority to choose a suitable one for you. Another few factors you should consider while picking this is your budget as many apps are paid which requires premium purchase. A wholly concise user experience should also be considered. 

In this article, we are bringing all the thirteen best Reddit apps which you should install on your Android mobiles right now. So let’s get into the article.  

List of Best Reddit Apps for Android

S.NoReddit AppS.NoReddit App
1Relay for Reddit8Boost for Reddit
2Slide for Reddit9Joey for Reddit
3RedReader10Sync for Reddit
4Infinity for Reddit11Beam for Reddit
5BaconReader for Reddit12Narwhal for Reddit
6Now for Reddit13Comet for Reddit
7RIF ( Reddit Is Fun)

1. Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit

The Relay app is similar to Reddit in so many aspects. You can watch the new trendy topics on it so easily. While viewing one topic you can swipe left of comment, like and share, and other buttons. One interesting feature of Relay is you can change its layout and customize it according to your liking.

Though you can get it for free from Google Play Store. However, for its premium version, you have to pay $3.99 and enjoy a unique and easy-to-understand interface. 

2. Slide for Reddit

Slide for Reddit

The slide is another amazing Reddit Android mobile app. Slide app can be used by anyone who loves to enjoy a huge number of features on a browser that is not only unlimited but can be customized as per your choices. 

To enjoy its features you don’t have to watch irritating and repetitive advertisements as it is an add-free browser. Another cherry on top feature of the Slide app is you can use it without internet access. Just sync it and all the images will have appeared without wifi. 

You can also block the unwanted topics which you don’t like and its filter system won’t show any material relevant to the blocked topic to make sure that you enjoy your browsing time. 

3. RedReader


RedReader is an unofficial Reddit client. You can install it on Android 4+ and can get multiple features like no ads, the latest cache management, and a range of customization options. You get many theme options for customization like night mood. 

It also supports multiple accounts, you can swipe right and left for comments. RedReader has two columns mode which is best for tablets but can also be used on big-screen mobile phones. 

4. Infinity for Reddit

Infinity for Reddit

If want a flawless Reddit browser which packed with so many features and can be adjusted as you like, then you should install Infinity for Reddit. 

This app has some crazy features for you. It has a lazy mode for the times when you become lazy enough to even move your thumbs and figures, just enable this and enjoy automatic scrolling. Other features include a night theme, comments, editing the posts, and it also a notification feature. 

Despite being a great app with numerous features. You will have to bear the advertisement on it. 

5. BaconReader for Reddit

BaconReader for Reddit

BaconReader can give ultimate satisfying access to all the Reddits. It makes accessing Reddit features more than easier. You can move from one Reddit to another by just swiping through the screen. It also has a colored comment box and a user-friendly interface.  

To get exclusive access to its features, install it in your Android +5 or the latest versions for absolutely free. It is also a premium paid version. 

6. Now for Reddit

Now for Reddit

Now Reddit gives you an absolute browsing experience. It has some super easy features which can take your Reddit experience to the next level. 

It gives features like convenient swaps between reddits. You can customize the interface as per your preferences. A night theme is available. To add some color of laughter and fun, browse the unlimited memes, gifs, and videos. You can also sync them to watch offline.  Also, you can follow your friends, do comments, like their content or even you can edit the comments.

7. RIF ( Reddit Is Fun)

RIF Reddit Is Fun

Reddit is Fun is a pretty old app and was in use even before 2010. It was invented by Talk Little. It gives you effortless access to all the Reddits. The pretty simple interface enhances your browsing time and provides you with the best yet simple way of commenting and voting.  

You can enjoy every kind of content including news of the wars, gossip about your celebrity crush, or cute images of the flowers. You can download this app for free. 

8. Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit app has every feature a Reddit addict can demand. It gives you an ultimate range of customization. Add whatever color you like to your Reddit interface. Moreover, you can enjoy effortless reddits, swiping through them and comments, and voting.  

It also has multiple view modes so you can select the best one for you. Slide shows, cards with big pictures, and compact lists are some of the options. It has also taken customization to the next level as not only color but you can also change font size, font color, and type. 

So what are you waiting for? Install it today for free and start following your favorite community. 

9. Joey for Reddit

Joey for Reddit

Another one of the best third-party apps for surfing between the Reddits and subreddits is Joey for Reddit. You can enjoy thousands of memes, gifs, videos, and much-written content as well. And if you want to vote for your favorite video, then just double-tap the screen. This app has transformed the browsing experience into a super easy comfort time. 

Apart from entertainment, you can also use it for productive reasons. It has an Ask Me session where you can ask queries related to any topic. You will get the answer.

10. Sync for Reddit

Sync for Reddit

The developers of this app have understood clearly what the Redditors want and have put all the features on it. Sync for Reddit will give you a clean almost perfect interface for making your browsing pleasant and unforgettable. 

It has a very effective filter system. If you want to enjoy a particular topic just write the keyword on the search engine and enjoy browsing. Additionally, its night mode version adds more comfort as the brightness will adjust at night and won’t hurt your eyes. 

11. Beam for Reddit

Beam for Reddit

Beam for Reddit brings every feature in a single app. You will get multi-user options, a fine and flawless interface, switch between different reddits, and browse through different entertaining and informative content. 

Other features include night mode, multiple accounts, touch Id unlock thumbnail mode, and auto-playing GIfs. you can download it for free. 

12. Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal for Reddit

Narwhal for Reddit is a great, super easy, and comfortable Reddit app for surfing subreddits. It gives unique features like hiding links in your Reddit accounts, commenting with simple swiping, and voting for your community. This app is available for Android and Ios both versions for free.

13. Comet for Reddit

Comet for Reddit

Comet for Reddit has all the amazing features which work at high speed hence no browsing time is required. Its features make it a great third-party app. You will get seamless browsing. Also, you can check the comments and the link simultaneously. Further, a tap can open and close the comment sections, and enjoy limitless gifs and subreddits. Last but not least enjoy a huge range of customization and make an interface to your mood and choices. 


There are so many third-party Reddit apps options you can get from the google play store. All the apps offer somewhat similar features. However, their speed may vary. Since there are so many features available for customization, interface, easy access to Reddit, and many others. The selection of the app to get the maximum benefit from it depends on your preferences. To make the selection of apps easier for you we have written all the details of the apps. 


Why should I go for a third-party Reddit app instead of the official one? 

In every app, it is better to use the original version. However, it is a little different in the case of Reddit. The official Reddit app doesn’t function well on Android. It can also cluster your feed with too many advertisements. To overcome it, it is a better option to switch to third-party Reddit apps. 

Which Reddit app is the best for me?

There is no answer to it. It depends on your personality and your choices since the features are not the same in all the apps. You can go through the material written above to understand which app is the best one for you. 

Are Reddit apps safe?

In general, all the Reddit apps are safe to install. But the content on it may possess a risk for data leaks and other privacy issues. Therefore, be careful when clicking on any link you find on Reddit, and don’t believe every piece of information you get from it.

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