Is Facebook Committing Suicide?

Updated October 6, 2023

The Big news out from Facebook today is that they are currently testing and planning on unleashing unfiltered news streams to your wall. Advertisers and marketers have been craving more direct access to Facebook users’ walls beyond “likes” and targeted ads, and now it seems as though their wildest dreams will come true.

facebook sucide

Clearly, this is going to be a big win for web marketers and a boon to Facebook’s advertising profits. But while web marketers and Facebook advertising sales execs toast Champagne and slap high fives over new ways to spamify your Facebook wall, has anyone paused to ask what Johnny Facebook User wants or gains from these changes? Could this prove to be a chink in Facebook’s armor just as the smoldering social media war heats up?

Enter Google +

Google + has a crisp, clean (and for now) ad-free design, and the amazing privacy filters and sharing options via ‘circles’ give Facebook’s UI a real run for their money. While most of the early G+ adopters at this time seem to be fellow tech geeks and web marketers, slowly but surely the G+ stream is growing from a trickle in a desert wash into a small bubbling brook. Design-wise Google seems to have done everything right so far, and the invite-only beta has definitely created enough buzz to get people wondering, “What’s happening on the other side of the Google fence that we don’t know about?”


It’s Facebook’s game to lose

With over 750 million users, Facebook clearly holds the high ground over Google +’s reportedly 25 million-ish early users, but that doesn’t guarantee they will always be number one. Many Facebookers are increasingly wary of spammy, intrusive ad tactics, like ads featuring users’ own pictures and sponsored posts. Add to that a cluttered mess of promoted shares and advertisements crowding out the authentic shares and status updates people really care about, and it could be the catalyst that sparks the first large Facebook exodus. It can never happen, you say? Just look at the smoking ruins of Myspace.

Here is another article shared by a guest blogger about 5 reasons google + may be better than facebook.

Author: Greg Buckskin is a techie, social media enthusiast and writer for

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