How To Choose An Online Training Technology

Updated October 6, 2023

To venture into the academic teaching technology is on-demand now in 2017, compared to the previous year. It is an indicator that online teaching is the way for the future. The openings that are obtainable by students and educators in the eLearning environment are enormous. Current students and educators confront decisions to select online training technology to use. This article addresses the essential principles we can consider before choosing an eLearning solution. To get more insights on these online teaching technology platforms, check this academic technology guideline on


However, much inspiring the new technology can be alone; it must depend on the surrounding technology for it to function adequately. Technologies always complement each other. You install one on top of another for it to realize its full functionality. The best educational technology platforms are well-matched with the technology ecosystem suite that is the industry standard. The technology stack should be all-encompassing and should permit full integration with the best data streaming services, audio, and visual to an educational platform. Teachers and students will readily connect through applications that they are familiar with. The video technology is particularly significant to consider in online teaching because several academic courses are dependent on the availability of quality video streams. Learners ought to be in a position to read from the smartboard. With compatibility, you will not struggle to install needed plugins together with the educational technology platform.


In terms of availability, WebRTC is the global leader, since it is the primary technology and it works across browsers, devices, and takes advantage of the built-in abilities of the browser technologies, enabling internal video experience. Because WebRTC functions via profitable online setting, there is no brand new contextual technology for administrator or an educator to learn. Several programs development environments developed on WebRTC resources good at enabling students, teachers, and administrators to communicate clearly. WebRTC communication servers are strategic in locations and physically dedicated globally. Therefore minimal problems are arising from a lost data stream or lag. These servers permit teachers and students to use 4G, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks seamlessly, thus giving the best visual and audio experience to all students irrespective of bandwidth. Channel bandwidths need not be similar; a learner on slower bandwidth will not affect the entire network. The capability to mix technologies implies that the whole platform will be more accessible to all. Those who want to study a specific skill, instead of configuring the hardware alternatives, will suite them.


With online teaching technology, the best teachers globally will be the most common. This virtual educational service allows students to have access to teachers with many student followers. Restrictions that bound physical classroom to between 20 to 30 students per class is not there in online teaching technology. The measure is exponentially more significant. Online teaching platforms permit for scale irrespective of how typical a teacher can be. Students will have a choice to have the best tutors and teachers globally. The teachers will interact with students via platforms they fully understand. The virtual classrooms can accommodate thousands to learners with the same chance to access knowledge from the best teachers globally. It results in high-quality education at a lower cost.

Classroom Format

Virtual classroom technology permits an overhaul of classroom format, and the most remarkable one is called the flipped classroom. In this new classroom format, in place of students attending a lesson in the school and doing assignments at home, they watch a lesson before class starts and finish assignments or training exercises with the lecturer. You can adequately implement this classroom format if there is a high-quality video system incorporated with the online teaching technology. If a platform can duplicate the typical classroom in an online fashion, learners can watch a high-quality lesson before class. Students will then attend assignment/classroom lessons well prepared for exercises that will enable them to understand the concepts.

Specific needs

Right technology not only permits the best teachers but also allows specialization. Initially, homeschooling students were bound to teachers from their proximity. With online learning, students can access experts for varied subjects. If there exists a hard subject, managers can invite experts. Virtual classrooms can increase homeschooling.

Though there are several choices with educational technologies, the above guidelines will help you get a technique that suits you. Keep in mind your program schedule, the platform’s benefits, and the compatibility of infrastructure for excellent results.

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