How Technology Can Help You Grow an eCommerce FBA Business

Updated October 6, 2023

There isn’t an online store that can compare to the eCommerce giant Amazon. Since 89% of buyers agree that they are more likely to buy products from Amazon than other eCommerce sites, if you want to succeed in the eCommerce world, your best option is to go for an Amazon FBA business.

But if you want to grow your store, you need to use technology. There are many useful tools that can help you with that. And if you wind up in a situation where you’re wondering how to sell Amazon business assets, the process will be much easier after you grow it with the help of technology. Let’s take a look at how technology can help you grow your FBA business.

Track IP addresses

IP address tracking provides online merchants with many benefits. If you know someone’s IP address, you can present them with a highly personalized experience.

Also, you know their location through IP API, which provides you with the following benefits:

  • Content localization. You can localize your store’s content to present the right items to customers based on their location, but also the correct currency, and regional pricing. You can also deliver the content in the native language of the person who’s visiting your store.
  • Understanding taxes and tariffs. The taxes and tariffs you need to pay vary from country to country, and if you’re selling your products globally, you can set up the right price for each location based on those countries’ tax laws.
  • Preventing fraud. IP intelligence allows you to identify suspicious behavior like if your store is being accessed by someone who is from a country with a high rate of fraud. You can set up a list of banned countries and then orders coming from those places will be automatically rejected.
  • Managing digital rights. There are many laws relating to internet distribution rights, especially for digital media assets. IP geolocation allows you to establish territorial rights and address content issues for every country in the world and restrict access to certain countries so you don’t break the law.

Provide amazing customer service

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Without loyal and repeat customers, you would never be able to grow a business. That’s why it’s important to provide your customers with the best possible experience through customer service.

As much as 93% of customers are more inclined to make repeat purchases from companies that provide exceptional customer service, so it’s a good thing that you can use technology to improve your customer service.

One of the most common technologies used in customer service is chatbots. This is mostly because they help you provide your customers with 24/7 support and respond to their queries and concerns quickly and accurately every time.

Personalize customer experience

Nowadays, personalization is the key to success and something customers simply expect. It provides a great user experience and most customers will even make shopping decisions based on how personalized their experience was.

Personalization has existed for a long time in marketing in one way or another, but it has never been easier and more accurate than now thanks to technology. If you want to create a shopping experience based on personal preferences for each customer, you need to use AI.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data are a great combination for personalization because they can provide you with analytics and foresight into your customers’ behavior patterns.

All of this allows you to:

  • Give product recommendations. AI is able to predict behavior patterns, so it can recommend useful and relevant product information. With its machine learning algorithms, AI can predict what content to present based on the customer’s search history and other data.
  • Create better advertising campaigns. When you look at data such as purchasing history and patterns, AI can create content marketing strategies aimed at certain customers. And with AI marketing automation, you will have all the necessary data for a strategic marketing campaign.

Take advantage of voice search

The days of people using just a mouse and keyboard to search for products online are long gone. The rise of voice search and voice assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home has made it possible for people to purchase products online by voice command.

For an eCommerce business to stay successful, they need to adapt to this new way of shopping, and you can do that with the help of technology.

Here is just some of the technology related to voice search:

  • Shopping lists. Voice assistants allow their users to create shopping lists and order the products from eCommerce stores they choose. If one of your customer’s voice assistants learns that they order from your store regularly, it will start adding products from your store to their shopping list.
  • Audio band signatures. Any audio tone related to your company such as music composition or jingle is called an audio brand signature. You can set up this signature to play over a voice assistant every time someone purchases something from you, which will help build brand identity and recognition.
  • Assistive technology. Voice search isn’t just for the younger generation, it can also be very beneficial for the visually impaired. If you enable voice search, you’ll be able to reach a whole demographic that can’t shop online in a traditional way.

Final thoughts

We are living in a digital age and technology is all around us. If you use technology and know all the ways to get more customers to your online business, not only will you succeed, but you will also grow your business more than you thought was possible.

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