7 Ways Event Technology Can Boost Event Outcomes

Updated October 6, 2023

Suppose you’re somebody who organizes events for a living or maybe someone in your organization responsible for carrying out this vital mission all the time. In that case, you should’ve been able to shift your mindset to the new normal as what the past two years have taught everyone on this planet.

The world may have found eerie silence and desolation in most event halls and extensive facilities in the past two years, but this all shifted to the front of people’s screens via the world wide web. People’s screens and mobile devices become party places and venues for people to gather, watch concerts, attend conferences, participate in lectures, product launches, weddings, baptisms, and every event you can think of.

Technology has been a massive contributor to making this possible. Without technology, the world would have been at a standstill. Today, company virtual events and even roadshows are seamlessly carried out without needing to meet people in real life. As of May 2020, marketers have disclosed that they have hosted about 30 virtual events yearly, about an event every month.

To give you an idea, here are ways how technology can boost the outcome of company virtual events:

Event Outcomes

Technology has made it possible to make your screen look like an actual concert stage or even a real conference hall. Making your event immersive can be done in various ways. You can utilize the following setup:

  • VR or virtual reality – Transforming rooms into an imaginative world using virtual headgears, feedback gloves, and scent stimulators to create multi-sensory experiences.
  • AR or augmented reality – a technology where developers use an overlay against a real-world backdrop that users can manipulate through their screens.
  • MR or mixed reality – A setup wherein attendees in a physical event can visit another place virtually through interactive holograms.

Attending an immersive event will make you feel like you’re inside a video game, like a player battling out the enemies. It makes it fascinating and would encourage more participants when you invite them to join.

  • Can Make It Fun And Lively

To successfully host a virtual event, as an organizer, you need to put yourself in the participant’s shoes and ask yourself how it feels to sit in front of your screen for, say, two hours? It would be best to think of ways to make it fun for them.

Luckily for you, technology has made it possible to gamify events, so your attendees will look forward to it. For a group of twenty people, you may choose to host games to encourage participation and keep the blood flowing and the excitement brewing. You can have quizzes, virtual scavenger hunts, bingo, matchmaking, poker, and more.

When you pick a game to host, you must ensure that it matches your event attendees’ profiles. It might be a mismatch to play poker with a group of serious educators or a matchmaking game with mostly married attendees. Choose the best one, and you’ll be sure to have loads of fun and a memorable event to boot.

  • Can Make It Engaging

Hosting a sizeable virtual event can be very challenging, so breaking the large group into smaller ones will do the trick. Technology has made it possible to create break-out rooms in virtual events so you can group attendees, cluster them in a group, and visit them individually to make it more engaging and interactive. You can create several break-out rooms where attendees can hop on various channels to participate in multiple virtual exercises depending on their calendar for the day.

  •  Will Make It Seamless And Coherent

When people started using new apps to launch events, there were glitches and delays because of their novelty and unfamiliarity. Today, people have become accustomed to apps, and developers have fixed glitches so that most apps run seamlessly, and most are now very user-friendly.

  • Availability On All Devices

Attendees can log in to events from anywhere they are. They may even use their mobile devices as apps have been fully functioning when installed on mobiles.

You could be vacationing on an island, visiting your folks on the prairie, or lounging in your room. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be good to go.

The ease of using apps has been instrumental in making events virtually successful.

  • Deliver Presentation Fluidly

If you have several presentations to show, like reports or graphs, you need to project them on a screen. With technology, it’s very straightforward to show attendees the presentation you worked so hard to prepare. Conference apps will allow you to share your screen fluidly to ensure your participants can see them.

Technology Can Boost Event Outcomes

Additionally, in today’s modern world, it’s effortless to prepare presentations using apps that even a 5th grader can easily create. There are ready-made templates and designs you can utilize to make your slide presentations attractive and not dull.

  • It Allows Attendees To Participate

With modern app integration, attendees of events can share their thoughts and proactively participate through chat or audio. It will make your event highly interactive.


Even as the world returns to normalcy, virtual events will be a permanent part of the corporate landscape. Its flexibility and ease will make it very attractive to utilize. It will not replace physical events, but it will make the environment more adaptable to the changing needs of many people. It’s a good thing that technology has made events more reliable and collaborative today.

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