How Technology Is Helping Seniors Make Use Of Telemedicine

Updated October 6, 2023

Make Use Of Telemedicine

These days, it can seem as if technological advancement is disrupting a variety of industries and changing the world as we know it. From self driving cars to improvements in computing power, technological progress continues to improve the lives of consumers around the world.

One industry that has experienced significant change and disruption in recent years is Medicare. Developments in medical equipment and treatment options have already dramatically improved patient care, and that’s just scratching the surface. The rise of telemedicine in particular has lead to a variety of patient benefits and better overall care, especially for seniors.

Time to break down 4 specific benefits of telemedicine, outlining how senior patients can take advantage of the changing world of Medicare.

1:- Remote Monitoring

Telemedicine is the distribution of health services through telecommunication-based platforms, and helps connect patients across the world to medical professionals when it matters most.

One of the most powerful benefits of telemedicine for seniors is the ability to use remote monitoring technology. Through medical alert systems, it is now possible for elderly patients or patients suffering from mobility-limiting diseases such as Parkinson’s disease to send out alert signals to first response teams if they are in need of help.

Popular medical alert systems can now detect if a patient has stopped moving or fallen, and also allow patients to send out distress signals with the touch of a button. Additionally, many monitoring services offer affordable monthly rates and can occasionally be covered by insurance providers.

Medical alert systems ultimately provide peace of mind for both the patient and their family, and also allow medical professionals to respond to a crisis the moment it occurs.

2:- Increased Access to Coverage

For many seniors, reaching retirement age can often mean a resettling of location, downsizing, or escaping the hustle and bustle of major cities. However, while this can be a great financial decision and improve quality of life, it also has implications for healthcare access.

Remote areas often have poorer access to healthcare services. For seniors possibly experiencing limited mobility, this can present immense challenges when it comes to receiving proper care.

Thankfully, telemedicine technology is making it easier for patients to seek medical advice or to refill prescriptions. Through online portals, patients are able to engage with medical professionals to receive guidance, and online pharmacies are often able to refill and mail prescriptions to their patients.

3:- Lower Costs

The rise of telemedicine has helped to greatly reduce strain on healthcare resources, service workers, and doctors. Additionally, telemedicine is also helping to provide cheaper alternatives to traditional in-person healthcare related services.

Instead of going to a walk-in clinic or scheduling appointments, telemedicine allows for patients to fulfill many of their needs through their computer or smartphone. Outside of saving patients and doctors time, telemedicine can dramatically cut down on personal healthcare costs by helping patients to avoid fees and providing access to cheaper online services.

4:- Better Access to Specialist Help

Telemedicine is an effective way for senior patients to enjoy peace of mind and to fulfill many of their medical needs online. However, telemedicine can also provide greater access to medical specialists that would otherwise require extensive travel to reach.

For common colds or ailments, basic telemedicine or walk-in clinics often have the right solution. However, for rare disorders or conditions that require the advice of a specific medically trained professional, in-person treatment can be hard to find. Telemedicine is slowly working to bridge the gap between patients that require highly-specific medical guidance and the limited number of doctors able to provide assistance, boding well for the future of specialized care.

Thankfully, senior patients can already enjoy numerous benefits from fulfilling their healthcare services online. However, as technology continues to improve, we will undoubtedly see a rise in both the quality and affordability of telemedicine.

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