UENI: Discover the Start-Up that Helped More than One Million Local Businesses go Online

Updated October 6, 2023

Startups Executing Big Visions
Starting a new business is always a challenging venture. You have to expertly navigate across different areas like financing, marketing, product promotion or even appealing to a target audience – most of which should be done online for better results. Yet although the internet is the perfect platform to reach your local audience and beyond, doing it right can be tricky.

This is why many business owners have leveraged the power of UENI. Let’s take a closer look at what this turnkey company has to offer.

A Hands-On Approach

UENI appreciates the fact that small business owners are greatly involved in day-to-day operations and other customer-related tasks. UENI knows they might not have the time (or the expertise) to deal with web-related issues. That’s why they developed a centralised approach to online management which does all this for you. Things like creating online content and ranking high on search engines are carried out by a team of professionals. This way business owners can focus all their attention back on sales, marketing and product development without having to lift a finger.

A Strong Online Presence

Statistics show that UK start-up firms receive more funding than any other country within Europe (1). While this is great news, you should bear in mind that receiving funding often depends on how the business in question is perceived. This is why online exposure is such a critical part of the equation. When working together with this third-party management agency, websites will be listed within reputable portals such as The Independent, Yell, The Sun and Foursquare. Achieving an impressive online presence is the first step towards gaining a solid reputation.

A Streamlined Website and More

The functionality of a website can quickly make or break any budding business venture and should never be taken lightly. UENI doesn’t. Common issues such as security updates, social media integration and cross-platform functionality are all addressed within a single CMS portal. Not only does this mean a site will be able to go live immediately, but customers can rest assured in the knowledge that minor technical issues will be caught before they evolve into real problems.

The Tools of the Trade

From the best SEO practices, customer-friendly booking services to their ability to boost positive online reviews, UENI covers all bases from the outset. Business owners can spend less time over the creation stages and more time on developing their unique brand identity.

It’s not difficult to see why over one million local customers have already employed these services to garner greater success within the digital domain. The online world can present a number of challenges, so having the right team at your disposal will undoubtedly boost your business.

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