5 Ws and 1 H of Blogging

Updated October 6, 2023

5 Ws is a very popular concept in journalism and communication. It helps in explaining the full story in a few terms. I am going to explain the concept in blogging prospective. This will be beneficial for new bloggers as well as for established bloggers.

5Ws of blogging[Image]

1. Why

Why you are starting a blog?

The first thing in blogging is to solve “Why”. Why you are starting a blog will determine the future of your blog. Money is of course the first thing for which you want to start a blog. However the important thing is to deliver the information on the basis of which you are starting a blog. OR in short you must maintain your keyword density.

2. Where

Where to start?

Now that you have idea about your blog, the 2nd step is to decide where to start your blog. For example with Blogger, WordPress or any other blogging platform. It will depends on the first question i.e “Why”, because if it is a business blog then you must start it on WordPress. If it is just a simple blog and you don’t need certain features then you can go for Blogger.

  • In case if you are starting a blog with WordPress, then it is also important to choose a best webhosting.
  • In case if you are starting it with Blogger, then you must also decide whether to start on a subdomain or custom domain.

And this is not enough;

You must also know that where to promote your blog to get instant traffic and popularity. For example social bookmarking, forum posting, article marketing, guest blogging, or comment posting. It will depends on the nature of your blog. In short you should know whether to concentrate on Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Optimization.

3. When

When to write?

When to write and when to write on a particular topic is also important. In short it means that how you plan things.

4. What

What to write?

What topics and on what area you will focus is also very important. There must be some specialty that suites you best. So try to focus on that, in this way you will be able deliver more quality to your readers.

5. Who

Who are the readers?

This is important, try to point out first that to whom you are writing. Who are the readers or audience of your blog. If you don’t know that who are the readers of your blog, then it will be very difficult for you to stand out of the crowd. So always remember and keep in mind your readers.


How to?

This is a broad one, it will also determine the future and importantly the success of your blog. How you implement strategies, how you promote, how you write, how you communicate and how you do things around your blog matters a lot.

Hope you like the article, if you want to add some thing that i lift then feel free to add here. Don’t forget to post your comments.

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  • Shekhar Saxena

    Promoting your blog is really a very big headache.

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