Holiday Gift Guide for Windows Users

Updated October 6, 2023

Fa la la, it’s finally the holiday season! While this is a wonderful time for seasonal food and drinks, time with family and other festivities, it can also be stressful. There’s a lot of pressure this time of year when it comes to gift giving. Whether you’re visiting home for the holidays or spending the season with your partner, there’s always someone to buy for. And without a plan, you might be shopping aimlessly for gifts.

But there’s a common item that most people use every day, either for work or personal use (or both) – and that’s a computer. Do you have a PC user on your Christmas shopping list this year? If so, look no further for gift ideas. Improve your loved one’s PC experience with these suggestions!

Wireless Headphones

There are so many reasons someone might use a computer, from gaming to attending Zoom meetings, to watching Netflix, but almost all of them can be done with headphones on. If the person you’re buying for lives with roommates or works in crowded places, then quality headphones would make a great gift. And a wireless pair means more flexibility, making their listening experience even better.

Antivirus Software

No matter what a computer is being used for, if it’s accessing the Internet, it’s potentially exposed to viruses and other nasty malware. Why not give a gift that provides peace of mind with protective software? If you’re buying a new PC for your loved one, the latest antivirus for Windows 10 will guarantee safe browsing and file storage.

A Laptop Case

Just as the information on a computer needs protection, so does the exterior. Laptops are expensive, and easy to damage especially when in transport. Between hard-shell and soft cases, there are several options out there with unique designs for that special someone.

A Mechanical Keyboard

Typing on a laptop just doesn’t provide the same experience as a mechanical keyboard does. In addition to better ergonomics, a mechanical keyboard increases both the user’s speed and accuracy. Plus, there are some pretty cool looking ones on the market that light up in a variety of colors. Popular with gamers and typists alike, you can’t go wrong with a mechanical keyboard.

A Tablet

Sometimes, a computer is just too heavy to carry around with you. Luckily, that’s where a tablet comes in. Lighter than a laptop, but with a bigger screen than a phone, a tablet is the perfect in-between for people on-the-go. Microsoft has several Windows portable tablets available, including the Surface Pro 7 and the Lenovo ThinkPad, for example. The gift can be great for a variety of people, such as illustrators, people who own small businesses (as they can hook it up with a POS system) and parents who are looking to entertain their kids.

Make this holiday season unforgettable by choosing to give a gift that your PC lover will make use of every day. Sometimes, useful presents are the best ones.

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