How to Remove DRM Protection from Audio Files

Updated October 6, 2023

For those who does not know what DRM protection is, I can make a little excuse into the subject. If somebody knows what it is, and looks for the ways to remove that from files you can jump to those information. So, Digital Rights Management protection is system which makes files, either audio or video, protected from copying or playing on other devices except the one, on which the file was downloaded.

DRM protection in fact, is a way how Recording Companies and online stores try to make their products safe from pirates. That  is a good purpose, but in a really bad way. Some DRM protected files could even disappear from you computer after some time, like two months or so, it depends on the   resource’s policy. Well, no one wants to purchase a file and then can not be able to listen it on mp3 player or iPod, because you can not copy it. Or watch it disappearing in some time, after you paid for it, where is justice?

Some publishers agree that DRM is not perfect system of protection, but there is nothing new invented yet. So we have to deal with it. If you want to remove protection from files you downloaded from the web, you can use a direct conversion software like WMAConvert. It is capable with converting audio to different formats and removing DRM from them. As a result, you will have a file available for copying, ripping, cutting and whatever you want to do with an audio track.

The conversion process is quite simple, the first step is to choose an output files you want to convert, then you select an output file format from drop down menu and click Convert button, easy and simple. DRM protection will be removed if you check the box that the file is DRM protected.

WMAConvert is a software, which can remove DRM protection legally, as it is not bypassing the protection, but encoding a track as a new file again. After the conversion is done you can copy file to all your gadgets and devices.

So, after you downloaded a converter you should launch it on your computer. When it is done, you can choose files for conversion and the program will make it automatically. Main features of WMAConvert software is that it provides conversion on really high speed, save ID3 tags and cause no quality loss after conversion.

Remove DRM Protection from Audio WMAConvert

13 Free DRM Removal Tools

The following are some of the free tools that can help you remove the DRM protection.

1Apple Music ConverterDownload
2Requiem – Automatic DRM removalDownload
3StreamFab DRM M3U8 DownloaderDownload
4WinX Free DRM Removal and DVD Ripper Download
5M4VGear iTunes Media ConverterDownload
6TuneFab Music ConverterDownload
7Aimersoft DRM Media ConverterDownload
8Caliber – eBook DRM Removal ToolDownload
9NoteBurner M4V Converter PlusDownload
11VideoByte BD-DVD RipperDownload
12Leawo Prof. DRM Download
13MuConvert Spotify Music Converter Download

Source: Total 17 Free Tools are available here.

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