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Updated October 6, 2023

Imagine what all you could do if you had the power to become invisible. You could do as you please without the fear of being caught. Although invisibility sounds like a science fiction in reality, but you can definitely get the power of invisibility on the internet. You could become anonymous on the internet, and no one would ever get to know your identity. This can be achieved using the Best VPN Service named TorGuard VPN.

Have a look at the awesome features TorGuard VPN can provide you.

Why do I need to be Anonymous?

There are a lot of people online these days who try to get all sorts of data about you. They tend to sell you personal information like name, email id and contact numbers to companies and in the worst case even spammers.

To avoid this from happening, you need a tool such as TorGuard VPN to protect your identity online.

How can TorGuard VPN help me?

TorGuard VPN is a service which could help you use the internet up to its full potential without fearing from the risk of breach in your privacy online.

TorGaurd VPN provides various plans to help you secure your identity online. The picture below describes the plans offered by TorGuard VPN.
TorGuard VPN services

Anonymous Email

We send and receive a lot of important mail. Have you ever wondered about the security of those mails. Do you really think that a login id and password is enough to protect the data in your mails. If you think so, then you are mistaken. Some sniffing softwares used by hackers can give them access to your email. TorGuard VPN can prevent this from happening. You could use its free anonymous email service where you can save up to 10 MB of data. This service ensures that the emails are encrypted before they are sent. To remove the data limit of 10MB, you need to buy the subscription for this service, which costs 5.33$ per month. Subscription of this service allows you to have unlimited storage capacity for email.

Anonymous VPN Service

Like we have fingerprints in the real world, we have IP addresses in the online world. Anyone can trace you using your IP address, and try to breach in your privacy. What if you had a way to hide your IP address?

Wouldn’t that be cool?. TorGuard VPN lets you hide your IP address. It provides you with around 25 IP addresses you can choose from and use. TorGuard VPN has its servers in almost around 33 countries, so you don’t need to worry now about the censorship laws, or network admins, firewalls blocking access to a website. Now using TorGuard you could visit any website you want and have your online freedom, along with the power of anonymity. To use this service you would have to pay a nominal fee of 9.95$ per month.

Torrent VPN service

Do you know that you could get a harrowing letter from your ISP is you use torrents frequently to download files. ISP track your IP address every time you connect to a peer, and if they find anything fishy, they would send you the harrowing letter the next instant. You also need to hide you IP address from torrent monitoring groups.

TorGuard Provides a complete guide to configure your torrent application like BitTorrent, uTorrent, or Bitcommet and hide your IP address with ease. You can even download the pre-configured torrent clients apps provided by TorGuard and start using them right away.

Things we Liked about TorGuard:-

  •  Unlimited Speed
  • 256 Bit Strong AES encryption
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Free viscosity software
  • 25+ IP address to choose from.
  • Servers in around 33 countries
  • Provide complete guide to configure our torrent application
  • No logs VPN service
  • and the best part is 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.


You can find a lot of VPN services online, but you won’t find a service like TorGuard VPN which keeps absolutely no logs of your usage of the internet. It also provides you a free anonymous email service which makes it stand out of the crowd. This is one of the best VPN service and highly recommend you guys to use it up to its full potential.

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