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Does Alexa Rankings Really Worth? And How to Improve It!

Many people including me never knows about alexa rank at start of there internet career. I created my first blog and when I saw my alexa rank decreasing (decreasing means improving) day by day. I just thought to take my little time to know about it in more details. So, I gaved one and half hours of research to it and finally I realized that alexa rank really matter.

improve alexa rank

What Alexa Rank Really is?

Alexa rank tells us that how much traffic a specific site is getting, and it compares your site traffic with all the sites in the world and then give you a number.

How Does a Good Alexa Rank Help You?

  1. If  your site has good alexa rank, advertisers can easily be convinced to advertise on your site. (Text Link adds is a company which will help you in getting many advertisers for you blog,  if your alexa rank is good)
  2. Sites with Good alexa rank get high ranking on the search engines.
  3. People loves to comment on a site with good alexa rank.
  4. You can easily get guest authors for your blog.

There are lots of benefits of alexa rank. I will try to cover that in my next post.

How Can We Improve Alexa Rank?

Indeed its really not easy to get any thing good in life easily. Same like that alexa rank is somewhat hard to improve, but you can  follow some tips to increase your alexa rank fast, which I am going to mention here.

I hope you like to read this as well : 5 Fundamental Tips for improving your Alexa Ranking

  1. Create your social network profiles like twitter, facebook and linked-in. And ask people to follow/like or join your website profile in social networks, because it will increase visitors to your site, which is needed to improve alexa ranking.
  2. Post frequently on your site, because if you’ve subscribers they will come to read your new posts, and it will increase your alexa rank, as it depends on pageviews and visitors of site.
  3. Try to communicate with people as much as you can, and take part it discussion forums and make your self worth, so that people will take interest to know more about you.

So, Now I would like to know that what you think about Alexa Rank importance?