How do You Find Someone’s Mug Shot

Updated October 6, 2023

MugShot Search

With today’s technology, it is simple to perform a mugshot search.  There are various reasons a person may be interested in finding a mugshot online.  There are numerous free resources to use to try to locate the mugshot. Not all states make mugshots searchable, so check the regulations of your state regarding mugshots. To try free resources:

  • Use Google and type in the person’s name, state, and the word mugshot. The picture may appear in images. If the arrest has happened since 2015, you will usually find them here. The more information you can add to the search string, such as the county of arrest, the easier it will be to narrow the results. Even if the state does not publish mugshots, they often end up on social media or other sites, and your search query should find them. If you know the exact crime charged against the person, this can also help narrow your search query. This is helpful if you only have a state and it is a common name.
  • If you have a picture of that person, you can also use Google’s reverse image search feature to try to locate the mugshot.
  • If you know the county where the arrest took place, go to the webpage for that county. You should find a tab that says arrests records or jail roster. This search will usually only produce results if the arrest was recent. Not all counties publish mugshots.
  • Search for your state’s Department of Corrections website. Many states post mugshots of convicted criminals, and the database is searchable by name.
  • There are other searchable databases for criminal information. Each state has a sex offender registry. You can search by name, or you can type in an address and search for registered offenders in a nearby area. These registries will provide a picture, often a mugshot, and other identifying information about convicted sex offenders.
  • If you are a victim of potential stalking, call your local police department and file a report. You can request a mugshot for purposes of identification if you have a reason to believe this person may pose a threat to your safety.

If the information is essential, and you are unable to access it through free means, you may need to pay for a service to locate the mugshot. Remember, most sites that say they are free only offer the limited information you can find yourself for free. To get information beyond what you can find with a basic search, you will need to pay.

  • You can use a service like and to search for you.
  • You can pay to have a comprehensive background check done. If you need more in-depth information, you can pay to have a full background check done. Several reputable online companies perform background checks for a fee. These include Intelius and BeenVerified. Most sites that perform background checks will allow you to request specific add on information, and a mugshot is often information you can request.

Throughout your search, please remember that finding someone’s mugshot online is not proof that they are guilty of a crime. Every person who is arrested will have a mugshot, but many arrests never result in a conviction for a crime. Mugshots and arrest records on the internet have done damage to the reputations of innocent people. There are new laws regarding being able to have your mugshot removed, but only legitimate sites operate by these standards. Consult an attorney about your options if your mugshot is still online 90 days after your arrest, especially if you were acquitted of the crime or have had your record expunged.

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