Earn Your 2nd $100 From Amazon With HubPages

Updated October 6, 2023

Amazon one of the leading online store where you can buy ebooks, computers, games, toys etc, is great place to earn money from internet. Just like Click Bank, Amazon Associates also provide you opportunity as a associate to earn commission by selling the products of third parties.

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In this article i will show you that how can you earn money from Amazon with Hubpages. Hubpages is one of the popular revenue sharing website where you can write articles and earn from it using your adsense, amazon and ebay account.

How to Earn from $100 Amazon with Hubpages?

1. Go to Amazon Associates and Hubpages to create free accounts.

2. When you login to your amazon account it will show you your Amazon ID at top left side. Note that ID.

amazon3. Login to your Hubpages Account.

4. Click on “My Account” and then “Affiliate Settings” option.

earn from hubpages4. You will have to enter your Amazon Affiliate ID in “Amazon” box. Click on “Edit” button and then type it.

affiliate settingsNow your amazon account is integrated with hubpages, you can now start earning from hubpages.

Game Starts Here

In this method we are going to target some amazon products so that we can sell it and make commission. So first you will have to find a product on amazon to write a article on it and then show the product in your article. OR you write a similar article where you can recommend a amazon product to the readers. Which product you select depends on you, however make sure to choose a product this is in the range of the reader. Hubpages will help you rank your articles on Google and other major search engines quickly and will help you drive instant traffic to your hubs (articles).

1. In Hubpages click on “Start New Hub” located at the top manu. A page will appear where you will have to write the Title for article and then select a layout (Layout is the way the article will look) and enter a few tags. You can write maximum 40 tags for a hub. Also select a category for your article and Click “Next” and then “Continue”.

2. In below screen shot i highlighted the main areas that you will have to cover when writing a article on Hubpages. In Section Text “Edit” button will show you text box where you can write your article, In Image section “Edit” button allows you add picture.

ADD MORE CAPSULE allows you to add more Text Modules like text, photos, amazon etc, Make sure to add at least one Amazon Capsule so that you can show your amazon products.

writing hubs3. After writing the article click on Amazon “Edit” button to add amazon related products. You can add as many products as you can, however 3 or 5 will be fine.

Click on “Publish” button when the article is complete.

Now What is Next?

Start creating a few backlinks for your hubs and wait for the result. Write at least 10 articles and rank the articles on the top page for its targeted keywords. Forum Posting and Comment Posting will help in your link building project.

You can also integrate your Adsense account from “Affiliate Settings” if you want to earn from adsense using your published hubs.

The seccess of the whole process depends on “Keyword Research”, “Quality Content” and a few solid “Backlinks. These hubs will give you life time earning, but to earn at least $100 below the exact steps.


Write Hubs on Amazon Products- Make sure to target low competitive keywords

Write at least 10 Articles, if the articles are related then interlink with each other to get more benefits.

Create a few baclinks and increase your ranking.



  • If I use a blog for this purpose… since I will be promoting many amazon products… what would be a good name for the blog?

    Thank you!

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Well actually the method is for newbies who can’t offer domain name and webhosting.

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    Well, this is a good way to make money online with Amazon and Hubpages. But the better way is do the same with your blog. I am sure it will give you more benefits then the $100 check.

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