17 Hidden Free Google Games for You to Play

Updated October 6, 2023

Did you know you can do more than exploring the web on Google? This search engine can also be a perfect source of your entertainment with some interesting google hidden games. The best part is that you can play all without paying a single penny.

From classic favorites like Pac-Man to newer options, including Make a Godzilla Movie, there is much to explore. So, let’s not waste much time and dig deeper into the hidden free Google games for you to play during free hours.

List of  17 Hidden Free Google Games for You to Play

Here are some of the exciting hidden games to explore on Google:

1. Make a Godzilla Movie

Google Hidden Games Make a Godzilla Movie

Play Here<<

The first hidden Google game on our list is Make a Godzilla Movie, which you can access by searching its name on the search engine. This game has an interesting origin as it was created to commemorate the 114th birthday of one of Godzilla’s creators, Eiji Tsuburaya.

Make a Godzilla Movie is basically a doodle game in which you must complete the interactive situations. It’s a perfect time pass with several benefits like increased creativity, improved cognitive function, and more.

2. Text Adventure

Text Adventure Google Game

If you want to know what gaming used to look like before technology evolved, Text Adventure is the perfect option to explore. It has exactly the old-age graphics and user interface you can discover by typing the commands as instructed.

Simply search Text Adventure on Google to access this game. Once the results come up, press Ctrl+ Shift+J simultaneously, and developer console window will open. At the bottom you will see “Would you like to play a game” type Yes in response. It will take you through a nice gaming universe where you must answer questions using your intellect.

3. Solitaire

Solitaire on Google

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Almost everyone used to play solitaire on their computers to pass the time as a kid. But you will be surprised to know that this game is now available on one of the major search engines, Google too. Since many people are unaware of this development, it’s still considered hidden.

This classic card-matching game can be accessed by typing Solitaire on Google. The gameplay is, of course, similar as you need to stack cards in descending order. And they must have alternative colors too. However, the graphics and user interface have definitely been improved for a better experience.

4. Zerg Rush



Zerg Rush Google Hidden Game

Play Here<<

Although the gameplay of Zerg Rush is quite simple, it’s still challenging enough to keep you occupied. As soon as you start the game, several bubble-like balls will start falling from the top. In fact, they might even originate from the bottom or any other corner of your screen.

You just need to keep clicking on them so they get destroyed. If you fail to do this, the balls will interact with search result links and make them disappear. And once all the links vanish, you will lose the game.

5. Halloween

Halloween Google Game

Play Here<<

You’d surely adore this hidden Google game if you love watching horror movies or reading scary books. Halloween is a doodle based on an interesting storyline where a cat wants to save her companions from spirits. Once you start the game, you must draw symbols as instructed, and if they are exact, the cat will finally succeed in getting her friends out of the evil trap.

6. Basketball 2012

Basket Ball Game on Google

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Tired of playing basketball on the field, but your cravings for this sport are not ending? Don’t worry as Basketball 2012; a hidden Google game will let you experience the thrill on your laptop and computer.

As soon as you hit the play button, balls will start appearing on your screen one by one. You must press the spacebar at the right time so that it ends inside the hoop. The more balls you throw successfully, the higher your score will be.

7. Cricket

Cricket on Google Games

Play Here<<

Just like basketball lovers, Google’s hidden games have something for cricket fans as well. This interactive game originated during the 2017 world cup considering the massive craze for this sport.

Cricket on Google has sleek animations and easy controls to score as high as possible. All you need to do is hit the ball at the right time before it goes to the wicket.

8. Pac-Man

Pac Man Doodle

Play Here<<

Being an 80s kid, you must remember the Pac-Man doodle where you had to eat the small balls going through a maze. The main part was to avoid interacting with the four ghosts that would eat your character up.

The good news is that Google has kept this game alive, but only a few know about it. Simply search Pac-Man on Google and tap Play on the first search result to let the adventure begin.

9. Pony Express

Pony Express Game

Play Here<<

Set up in the backdrop of an ancient village; Pony Express is a hidden Google game and a perfect time pass. You will ride a pony throughout the region, collect letters, and deliver them to their destination. Don’t forget to avoid the hurdles like cacti and stones.

This game has simple controls, and you can easily navigate the pony using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

10. Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe Doodle Game

Play Here<<

Everyone in their childhood must have played this classic game on paper with their friends. But since technology has evolved, it is also available online, just one Google search away.

The good news is that this game features a multiplayer option, so you can even enjoy it with a friend too. And if alone, then bots are there to kill your time. Moreover, you can also adjust the difficulty level accordingly from easy, medium, and difficult.

11. Minesweeper

Minesweeper Google Doodle Game

Play Here<<

Do you remember the Windows game that frustrated almost everyone with its complicated gameplay? Only a few understood its mechanism to emerge as a winner. If you are one of them, then Google has bought this classic Minesweeper game online for you.

Simply search it on Google, and it’s ready to play. Although the gameplay of Minesweeper’s online version is similar to that of Windows, you will surely be impressed with its improved graphics and audio.

12. Soccer 2012

Soccer Google Doode

Play Here<<

Soccer could be a perfect alternative if you get bored of the cricket and basketball game we mentioned in our list of hidden Google games. You will play the role of a goalie who has to stop the goals shot by bots from reaching the nets.

The more goals you save, the higher your score will be. You can use your mouse to move right and left while clicking the button is for jumping to stop the aerial shots.

13. Celebrating Pizza

Celebrating Pizza Google Game

Play Here<<

If you are a food lover, this hidden Google game will impress you. In this game, customers order a pizza with specific toppings, and you will have to prepare it for them accordingly.

While adding the required toppings is easy, the real challenge you will face is slicing the pizza. The slices should be equal in size to get a maximum score.

14. Quick Draw

Quick Draw

Play Here<<

This hidden Google game can be a perfect time pass for people who love art. It basically gives you an object to draw, and AI will guess it based on what you have scribbled. You will get only 20 seconds to complete the drawing; if you manage to get it right, the point will be yours.

15. Champion Island

Champion Island Google Game

Play Here<<

This game was introduced to Google in 2021 when the Olympics took place in Tokyo. It is basically a mixture of several mini-games you can play across a beautiful island. If you are a Pokemon Go fan, then you can definitely tell how similar its environment and player movements are to that game.

16. Great Ghoul Duel

Great Ghoul Duel Game

Play Here<<

Great Ghoul Duel is one of the few hidden games on Google that supports multiplayer gameplay. You can play this spooky game with your friends, passing through several horror scenes to collect little flames.

There is a library, a graveyard, and several other regions that all must cross. The team that collects the most flames and returns them to their base will be declared the winner.

17.  Snake

Snake Google Doodle Game

Play Here<<

People who once had a Nokia phone will definitely remember the snake game. It is based on a growing snake that must eat the balls to get bigger but shouldn’t touch itself, or it will die.

Many must miss it as the Nokia era is over. But not anymore, as Google features it right within its search results. Simply type Snake Game on the search engine and let the nostalgia begin.

Wrapping Up

So here you have it, the list of some of the best hidden free Google games for you to play. Now you know what to search for when you are bored and want casual fun on the internet. If these are not enough, you can check the other list of Google Doodle Games as well.

We have also covered some of the classic games on our list that will surely leave you nostalgic.

So, search for your favorite one now, hit the play button, and let the fun begin.

FAQs for Free Hidden Google Games

Is it easy to access the hidden Google games?

Yes, you just need to search for the name of the particular game on the search engine, and it will appear in the displayed results. You can instantly click on it to start playing.

Are hidden Google games appropriate for people of all ages?

While most are children-friendly, some may contain mild violence or other content that might be unsuitable for kids. Hence, you must review the game thoroughly before allowing your little ones to play.

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