Things You Need To Know To Go For A Live Streaming in 2022

Updated October 6, 2023

Now we are living in a world of live streaming. Undoubtedly, the live-streaming experience is always incredible. Now it is the best and easiest option to reach people. It helps to build an audience for a specific community.

We love to watch content this way. Live streaming is a crucial part of the business plan. To get some idea about live streaming and related geo-blocked platforms, you should check out

But first, let’s learn the basics of live streaming:

What is Live Streaming?

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All of us understand streaming and are familiar with the different services like Netflix or Paramount Plus. Live streaming is a part of streaming media simultaneously, but all things will happen in real time.

How Can I Set Up A Live Streaming Event?

The whole process of live streaming is a result of some specific steps. Divided all these steps into five and here are them.

  • Concert source devices (audio and video) to your PC.
  • Convert the audio and video to streamable files. Set an encoder to do that.
  • Get the URL of the streaming platform and make a connection with the encoder.
  • Enable your internet connection and test the upload speed.
  • Your content is ready for live streaming. Start stream.

Which Types of Equipment Need To Use For Live Streaming?

Setting up all the equipment for live streaming is easy. You’ll need some common devices, including a digital hand-like streaming software. Let’s find out all these devices below.


First of all, get a single-quality camera. Based on the topic or situation, sometimes a webcam also does the job. As a beginner, you can try your mobile phone camera or for entry-level live streaming use a digital action camera.

Audio devices

It’s hard to engage the audience for live streaming if the audio quality is poor. Try to avoid using a built-in microphone. For the beginner iPhone microphone, digital stereo condenser mic, and video mic, yeah mic is good.

Capture card

The capture card works as an Intermediary device. This device works for transferring video to (Main source) to a live streaming setup. If your camera has an HDMI port then you need to use a capture card.


You cannot skip lighting for live streaming. Proper lighting keeps the live streaming more professional. Avoid overlighting and harsh shadows. So how can you get perfect lighting? The answer is Sunlight and ring light. Perfect positioning of light helps to get more accuracy. It’s all about the subject and balance. You might need some accessories for it. Check them all below.

  • A green screen.
  • Tripod stand.
  • Microphone arm.


Your live streaming is about to air and the audience is ready to watch it. At this point, you need an encoder. It helps to convert concrete video files to suitable formats. Two types of encoder you need to use. One is a hardware encoder and the second one is a software encoder.


The switcher is the last thing you need for live streaming. As its name suggests, the switcher lets you switch on and convert the form of different elements like an audio video source. It even controls graphics.

Which Platform Is Perfect For Live Streaming?

A live streaming platform is a stage where you can watch live videos and content. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing a single streaming platform or not.

Choosing multiple platforms lets you reach a wide range of audience. Based on your requirement, choose which streaming is right for you. Before you choose the best streaming service, check some key features.

  • To stream high-quality video, find a platform that supports 1080P.
  • Choose the passport that supports simulcasting other platforms.
  • Make sure the platform can engage the audience through different options like polls and live chat.


Go live and share your story with everyone. Live streaming is the best way to get actual feedback from the audience and share what’s happening around you.

It’s not rocket science to become a master of live streaming. All the methods and devices we discussed earlier are the key part of making live streaming better in every way.

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