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How to Keep Computer Safe and Clean Without an Antivirus

Some people say that with an Antivirus, Spyware and Malware tool, your computer will be completely clean and without any threat forever; That’s a lie! That overconfidence is the main reason why you will get a virus for sure.

Knowing this, here I propose a nice, free, easy and very accurate way to keep your computer safe and clean from virus for a long time without an Antivirus.

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The Internet is the main source of virus there is, browsing, p2p, instant messaging, social networks; all this are virus sources, so first we need to be protected from it.


When accessing a webpage many files are downloaded, scripts executed and access is granted, so we need to keep that to minimal.

The downloaded files are the ones that are require to, images (thumbs), scripts and cookies mostly; also some URL are saved for history use for the browser.

We also need to know which plugins are enabled, some of these are exploitable and because of this we have to disable the one we don’t use.

Knowing all this, let’s choose a nice and secure browser:

My first choice is Chrome, I fully recommend it. Specially because you can block scripts, plugins, cookies and a lot of stuff, which for the purpose of this guide, are need to have these tools at hand.

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protect computer without antivirus

P2P, torrent and IM

There is no way to know which files are infected when downloading a file via P2P or torrent, the best choice is to avoid using this kind of software at all. Also, these promote piracy, which is a bad thing too.

When using a IM service (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, GTalk), remember to only add people you know, never accept stranger’s requests,when sending a file always notify your partner, and when receiving always ask if he/she is sending you one.

Social Networks

Many viruses are transmitting trough these networks, so you need to be aware of these menaces; don’t accept stranger’s requests, when a link is not identified, ask what it is. Also you can always scan the link online with the AVG Online LinkScanner.

Local Threats

A lot of threats are USB or LAN transmitted, there are tools to prevent this from happening.

USB Security

First of all, some info, most USB viruses are transmitted when using the autorun option; this option must be disable if possible.

There is a software called USB Disk Security that works as a USB Drive firewall; detects, block and delete threats. But, to complement this, you can use WinRaR to access the drive without activating any virus and delete them manually.

LAN Security

— This is only if you are part of a LAN, if not, ignore this part —

Server LAN

If you are part of a LAN that use a server to provide you Internet, ask you’re provider if the server has an Antivirus and Firewall. The Antivirus is required to avoid any threat to going into the network and infecting anyone in it, in case there isn’t one and a virus gets into the network, we use a Firewall. This one is needed to avoid any user to accessing other users, or viruses to move within the network; in case there isn’t one, you can download and install one yourself locally, Zone Alarm Free Firewall is a great option.

Non-Server LAN

Just use a Firewall to avoid other users to accessing to your pc, use Zone Alarm Free Firewall.

Other tips

There are other thing you can do to remain safe and clean.

Web Of Trust (WoT)

This is a browser extension compatible with all browsers that displays the “level of trust” of a webpage based on the user’s experience. It’s mostly recommended if you don’t have much experience when surfing the web.

Pc Users

Know your users, don’t lend your pc to anyone. If your pc is a family pc, it’s mandatory to use an antivirus. Limiting privileges doesn’t work because viruses always find their way trough.

Back up

Be sure to have a clean copy of your main folders (preferably after reinstalling OS), so if a problem, you can use that copy to return all your changes without formatting.



Most toolbars provide unwanted access to unknown applications, these are threats most of the time, so NEVER INSTALL THEM!!

Installing software

When installing a software, always remember to never grant access to this applications, unless you are updating it manually.

Watch new services and startup programs. If some are unknown, Google them.

With this main tips you can maintain your pc virus and Antivirus free for almost forever (if you use these well). Personally, I use AVG, but it doesn’t do anything, I remove USB viruses with WinRaR and I disabled any remote access to my pc and software’s auto-update feature.

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