How to Recover Deleted Contacts In MS Outlook 2007

Updated October 6, 2023

MS Outlook 2007 allows you to store the contacts that you require for your personal and professional work. You can add, move, or delete your contacts as per your requirements. Furthermore, the contacts are also helpful when you you want to directly send an e-mail or a meeting request. Loss or deletion of even a single contact can prove fatal to your personal or professional life. There can be numerous reasons which can make your contacts inaccessible, one of them being virus infection. An ideal way to overcome such situations and to access your contacts is by restoring them from an updated backup. However, in case you have not maintained any backup or the backup falls short of restoring the required contacts, then you need to use an effective third-party Deleted Email Recovery software to recover your contacts.

To prove the above case, consider a practical case where you were moving your contacts to some other folder saved on your hard drive. However, when the move process was in progress, the system froze and the process obviously halted in between. Now, when you booted your system and attempted to access the contacts, they could not be accessed. You were only able to view the contact list.


The computer system was infected by a fatal virus that froze your system.


To resolve the above issue and to access the contacts, you need to restore all your contacts from a valid backup. But, if your backup is corrupted, inaccessible, or deleted, then you need to opt for an effective Deleted Email Recovery utility.

Such third party software like Stellar Phoenix Deleted Email recovery tool use effective recovery algorithms to recover almost all lost Outlook data (including contacts). The recovered contacts can be stored at default or new location. These tools can also retrieve deleted emails. With to the point documentation and interactive user interface, these tools are easy to understand and install. These tools are completely read only in nature and do not modify the original contacts saved in the PST file.

This Deleted E-mail Recovery tool recoups lost, deleted, and missing Outlook data (including emails, contacts, calendar entries, etc.) in a few mouse clicks. The recovered emails can be saved in .pst, .msb, and .eml file formats. Supported by MS Outlook 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000, the tool is designed for Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000. It can recover deleted email even after fatal virus attack.

Steps To Recover Deleted Contacts:

Step 1: Download the Software from here:

Steps 2: Launch the Software,  It will show you two options: ‘Microsoft Outlook Email Recovery’ and ‘Outlook Express Email Recovery’ to recover deleted e-mails from PST and DBX file(s) respectively.

Step 3: Select the Required option

i) For MS Outlook users select ‘Microsoft Outlook Email Recovery’,  where you have two options, wether to browse the file file or search the PST in folders, drivers and sub folders.

ii) For Outlook Express user  select ‘Outlook Express Email Recovery’, where you have 3 options, Find DBX file for search, Select DBX to browse the directories and select folder for multiple DBX fules. Select the one that works for you

Step 4: Saving Option

– For MS Outlook users:

Restore deleted PST items as .eml, .msg or .pst format.

For Outlook Express User:

The recovered DBX e-mails can be restored as .eml or .dbx files.

Step 5:  Output Screen

OutPut Screen has tree view format that allows you preview the list of recoverable items.

Hope this will help you in recovering deleted contacts in your MS Outlook 2007. Don’t forget to drop comments if you face any problem.


  • That phucked up! The sync process doe not worn you that you will lose your contacts during the process!

    I want to kick MicroSoft in the a$$!

  • Roderick Ramage

    I returnred to your site after looking at several others and downloaded the Stellar you seem to recommend for recovering outlook contacts. All it recovered or calied to recover were emails, which is no use to me. I’ll now remove Stellar and look elsewhere for help.

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