Genuine Kaspersky Key for kaspersky Internet Security(Kis) for 1 year

Updated October 7, 2023

This post is about Free Genuine key for kaspersky Internet Security. After my research on this topic, I found that some of the bloggers has previously written about this topic. So I decide to merge all these posts into to provide more details for the visitors.

Kaspersky Internet Security is Ranked NO.2 Best Internet Security Software for its powerful features. If you are reading this post, it is because that you are also fan of kaspersky internet security and want to get it for free.

I found that some bloggers has write about the offers available for “Getting Genuine key for Kaspersky Internet Security” This post is the short summary of all those posts..Following are the offers available for Genuine Kaspersky Key.

Genuine Kaspersky Key for Kaspersky Internet Security for 1 One Year.

The number 1st post was started by Techmixer.Following are the six steps to get free kaspersky key for 1 year.

Step NO.1:- Go to this Page. and find the link which says “To get free protection, go to the Kaspersky Barclays offer page”

Step NO.2:- Select the Title, your Name, Email Address, Enter any 12 Digit code (For Example 38729300200)

Step NO.3:- After providing the above information, you will receive a Mail from Kaspersky Barclays, Where you will have to click on the Validate like to the Email. Validate your Email address

Step NO.4:- After Validating your Email address, you will receive another Mail from Kaspersky Barclays, Where you will get your Activation Code for Genuine key for kaspersky internet security.

Step NO.5:- Just Go to the Kaspersky Official website and Download the Latest Version.

Step NO.6:- Install Kaspersky Internet Security latest version and activate it using the activation code, received in step NO.4

This was the first offer available for “Getting Genuine Key for Kaspersky Internet Security”

Second Offer for 100 Days free Genuine kaspersky key

This second offer was started by “Sizlopedia” and posted by KillerTechTips.

Follow the below steps to get Free Genuine Key for Kaspersky Internet Security for 100 Days”

Step NO.1:- Visit This Page [This method is no longer working]

Step NO.2:- Provide all the details, as mentioned in the above offer

Step NO.3:- Here you will be ask to enter a word, just write the word “Also” and press the submit button

Third Offer for Genuine Key for Kaspersky Key was posted by Thinktechno

To get free key just follow the below steps.

Step NO.1:- Visit this page

Step NO.2:- Provide all the necessary information

Step NO.3:- Here you will be asked to enter the promotion code, which is “KIS2009-53849” Just Enter this code.

Step NO.4:- You will Receive the activation code for kaspersky internet security in your Email Box, just login and paste the code in kaspersky activation menu.

These are the three offers, which are available for you to Get Genuine key for kaspersky internet security, if you find any other offer, Feel free to inform us.

All the above offers have been taken from the respective bloggers posts, if you think that there is any illegal contents, OR the post need revision. You can always contact us.

Update 28 June 2022: These methods are no longer working. Will update the article as soon as I find a new working method.


  • TechEmpty

    Hey i want a key for KIS 2011 internet security..Anyone have it please share….:-(

  • i need a key for kaspersky 2011 internet security.please provide it or mail it to [email protected]

  • i got the key thanks

  • bikram saha

    kasparskay key securaty

  • kaspersky is very loaded

  • Dear: All
    I need Key lincese for kasperskay 2010 for one yaer

  • Manfred Peters

    please! I need activation code to kaspersky internet security 2009. thanks!

  • Manfred Peters

    1 year kaspersky 2009 free key

  • Please i need security keys for the 2010 kaspersky anti virus .

  • Thanks for the suggestion @chand. I will check the site now. Will get back for sure if that works for me 🙂

  • Robin@ You can try they provide free license keys for kaspersky on weekly basis.

  • This method works for some people, rarely. I tried and got nothing. Even for the latest KIS no use at all bro.

    Can you come up with any other mechanism ? Thanks anyhow.

  • none of the above works anymore. I need a license activation key for KIS 2009. Plz, help me. e mail: [email protected]

  • i need an activation code for kaspersky internet security 7.0

  • sruesh patel

    1 year kaspersky free key

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